I’m stealing a segment from Boers and Bernstein on the Score. Every once in awhile they do a segment called “Mundain Sports Achievements”. In the segment, listeners call in with their stories of dumb things they’ve achieved that are their claim to fame. For example, one called called in and talked about how he was talking trash in darts and stepped up and threw a bullseye. When challenged that he couldn’t do it again if his life depended on it, he promptly tossed a second bullseye.

The stories do not have to be sports related. The simple goal of this is to have some fun. What are your achievements that mean nothing to most, but are important to you. I’ll start with two of mine.

  • I’ve beaten Mike Tyson three times in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.
  • In all my life, which is soon to be totaling 30 years, I’ve never had a bloody nose of any kind.
  • I had my 7+ year non-puking streak broken about a year ago.
  • When I was in my freshman year at Moody Bible Institute, which was incidentally my only year, I was on a dinner trip to Planet Hollywood. I headed to the bathroom and proceeded to urinate next to former NBC sports anchor, Jon Kelly

So there you have it. The challenge has been issued of you. Fill this comment thread with your meaningless achievements.

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