In the past two weeks, I’ve had quite a rocky start to 2008. On Christmas day, I noticed the ceiling in the kitchen had some tape joints popping. I thought nothing of it, as our unit is 12 years old. The last couple that lived there couldn’t tell the difference between a hammer and a spoon, and we’re pretty sure the crew that built our building was half in the bag when they put up the walls. To make a long story short, the past two weeks have seen my humidifier release it’s anger on my kitchen ceiling by unloading an ungodly amount of water, which required me to tear two large holes into it in order for it to air out. The hot water heater had to be drained and removed to get put back in with correct plumbing, and while playing basketball (my baseball offseason weekly workout), I pulled my groin. When I say pull, I mean pulled it so bad that I have lower abdominal pain through certain movements. Most likely diagnosis, a sports hernia.

Great googly moogly, what is going on here? I don’t typically believe in bad luck, or curses, but there’s something strange a foot.

My 2008 has started with a bang…..or pull…..or a splash, whichever way you want to look at it. Something I can say the Cubs have not done much of. Well, maybe they have. The splash was the signing of Fukudome. The pull, perhaps thinking Marquis, Dempster, Marshall or Gallagher can compete for the bottom half of the rotation. The bang, losing marketing man John McDonough to the Blackhawks. I’m still waiting for that other big splash of bang, or pull (I’m looking at you Kerry “hot tub hot-stepper” Wood), before everyone reports to Spring Training.

Obviously, the big rumor right now is the possible deal for Brian Roberts. As many of you know, I’m for winning the World Series now. The Cubs are sitting on 100 years of futility that can’t be matched, nor will it probably ever be again, and I can’t take it much more. What’s sad, is that I’ve only had to endure it for almost 33 years, I shutter to think about the fans that have seen this going on for so much longer. So to this I say, send them who they want, to certain degree. Get these north sider supporters their championship, and be done with it. Marshall? Sure why not. Gallagher? What the hey! Cedeno? If their is a god, please do. It wouldn’t exactly be opening the coffers to get one guy that can finally set the table at the top of the order. Wait……wasn’t Soriano supposed to do that? D’oh!

The other big news, Roger Clemens and his continual insistence that he’s innocent, and has never taken steroids, or otherwise. Is it me, or is it slightly creepy that he decided he needed to record (legal in Texas) a conversation with his accuser a few short weeks after the allegations? To me, it screams “I’m desperate because I know no one believes me.” You’re right Roger, I don’t believe you. Who the heck injects vitamin B into themselves? I don’t know about everyone else here, but one Centrum does the job just fine for me. I don’t usually let someone inject anything into me without my knowledge of what it is. Although, Mr. Bonds has plead the same case, so either these guys are either complete idiots, or just have entirely too much faith in their training staff.

I used to enjoy Rick Telander, but as I read somewhere else this past week (and I forget where), these Chicago sports writers make my head spin. I believe that a trained circus chimp could put together a better thought some days. To not vote on the Hall of Fame ballot is a slap in the face to the players on it. To not vote because of what these over grown ego, money grubbing players of today are doing, is absurd. One look at Andre Dawson’s legs, and you knew that man never touched the juice. Chicken legs, boys. Chicken legs. Mr. Telander, hand in your voter card. It’s time for someone that gives a damn about the game to vote.

At least I know one thing. I’ve got a hot water heater that’s now in working order, a overflow pan that’s sealed properly, and a humidifier that is clogless. There’s still a huge hole in my kitchen ceiling, but hopefully it gets filled in just like the rest of the fill in the blanks for this year.

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