If you haven’t noticed over the past few days, things are slightly different here at VFTB. We’ve been undergoing a bit of an internal face lift. Nucleus, the system we were using to manage the blog, was not offering us enough of the features we wanted to bring to the table. As a result, we’ve been fortunate to have a very capable webmaster move us and all of our belongings to a new content management system called WordPress. It’s one of the most popular CMS’s around and will allow us to bring you some cool new features. Here is a rundown of some of the things I am excited about bringing you in the next days and weeks in an effort to make this more of a community of Cub fans.

Reader Diary System – If you’re familiar with Bleed Cubbie Blue and other blogs on the Sports Blog Network, you’ve probably seen that the readers have the opportunity to create user accounts and then post what are called diaries. A diary is basically a blog within a blog, and allows their readers to post content of their own which is linked in the sidebar and available for other readers to read and comment on. We’re putting the final pieces in place to allow you guys to do that as well. In the next week or so, we should have the system in place to allow you to register for an account and contribute to the site. This has me excited because I know you have good things to say, but often no avenue with which to present them. You never know, you may even be featured on the homepage or even asked to join the staff.

Improved RSS capabilities – For some, this may not make sense at all, but if you are an RSS junkie like myself, you will probably be excited about this. We’re putting together the ability for readers to subscribe to a lot more content, but in a specialized way. You will have the ability to subscribe to individual authors (i.e. Rob, Matt, etc.), comments, individual categories, etc. It should make for good times. If you have no idea what RSS is, Problogger.net has a great explanation here. Go check it out.

Better Sorting Options – If you notice now, our posts are broken down into categories, which are hyper links. When you click that category, it takes you to an archive of all posts in that category. The “General” category is currently by far the largest, as most of our old posts were lumped into that one. Moving forward, we’ll be good about specializing them into correct categories. You’ll also notice that at the base of some posts are tags, which are certain hot topics contained in the post. These are also links that will take you to all posts containing those tags. This should allow you to quickly reference a post if you wanted to use it to refer back to a comment or something of that nature.

Misc. Other Additions – The other improvements are simple. Recent posts will be linked in the sidebar to eliminate the need to scroll down. We’ve also improved our comment spam filtering system.

One of the primary reasons behind these changes had to do with the reader survey we did late in the season. Your feedback is what prompted me to seek out a way to add the things you wanted to see. Feedback is very important, so don’t ever hesitate to give it. I hope you’re pleased with the new additions. I will be keeping my eye out for bugs, but if you notice something, let us know. Also, I am currently looking for a volunteer or two or three to moderate the diaries to prevent spammers from killing it. In addition, they would be our eyes for content that was either repetitive (i.e. 5 diaries about the Cubs trading Angel Pagan) or offensive. This is a person that is on the internet consistently. If you might be interested, let me know:

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