As we turn the page to a new year, let’s take a look back at the year that was here on VFTB. I picked out a few choice nuggets from each month. Have fun looking back, but then get excited about looking forward to this season.

– Who is the ugliest man in baseball? The readers weighed in. – (Jan. 24th)

– Ryan Theriot was officially dubbed “my hero”. Man, how quickly my feelings changed. I guess I based my thoughts on his story of his first makeout session. – (Feb. 9)

– Tony brought his first column to the table. – (Feb 28th)

– I was reminded why I loved and hated spring training. – (Mar. 5th)

– Mark Strickler, who would later be asked to leave the site, produces a post with a title that could not explain his propensity for changing his feelings at a moments notice any better. Man, I miss his insight….NOT. – (April 21st)

– Could we really forget this game? – (May 18th)

– The Jim Hendry GM profiles – 2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005

– The game that made Len Kasper’s voice crack – (June 25th)

– Matt takes a look back at the first half, so it’s fitting to include it in the look back for the year. – (July 11th)

– Matt plays Deal or No Deal – (Aug. 2nd)

– A quick and dirty explanation on how waiver deals after the July 31st deadline work. – (Aug. 7th)

– The word of the day was…STUPID. – (Sept. 4th)

– Ryan Dempster vs. other closers. – (Sept. 20th)

– One of Tommy’s best works. – (Oct. 2)

– A simple guide to RSS and what it means for you. – (Oct. 13th)

– Looking back at the Offseason transactions – (Oct. 23rd)

– Looking back at the Regular Season transactions – (Oct. 25th)

– What would the all OPS lineup look like? – (Nov. 15th)

– 2006 draft in review. – (Nov. 27th)

– Arbitration explained in a simple way. – (Dec. 1st)

– 4th and 5th starter election results. – (Dec. 8th)

– Were the Cubs cost effective in 2007? – (Dec. 12th)

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