Michael Barrett, Greg Maddux, Glendon Rusch, Shawn Estes, and now….Mark Prior (Source).

The Cubs non-tendered the former first round pick earlier this month and the Padres have signed him to a one-year deal with a $1 million base and incentives. Prior and his agent made it clear that they didn’t want to sign anything more than a one year deal and the Cubs weren’t willing to invest any more money in him without the promise that he would come back in 2009 if they paid for rehab in 2008. San Diego appears willing to take a chance on him. I admit, when it was all the rage to trade Prior for Miguel Tejada a few off-seasons back, I was not willing to take that chance. I have to say, I am not worried that he will come back and be a star. We probably should have moved him when we had the chance. Now, we have to let go and move on.

From a Padre standpoint, if Prior can come back mid-season and pitch the way he once did, the Padres would have a heck of a rotation with Peavy, Young, Maddux, Wolf and Prior.

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