• Sam Fuld was the subject of an article written on MiLB.com by Jonathan Mayo concerning his life as a role model. – (View Story)
  • MLB Trade Rumors takes a look at the 2009 MLB Free Agent List. Obviously it’s not set in stone because a good amount of these players will negotiate a contract with their team. Still, it’s fun to look ahead and see what is out there. – (View Story)
  • Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus has a video about Kosuke Fukudome – (View Story)
  • JC Bradbury posted his solution to “Rid MLB of HGH”. I don’t know that I agree with his thoughts, but it’s interesting. Here is a snip. Be sure to read the whole article at his site.

    The second and most important step is to pull human growth hormone off its list of banned substances. This sends a credible signal about the efficacy of growth hormone in improving athletic performance. Education alone won’t do it. As a public school student during the “Just Say No!” era, I am well aware that propaganda serves only as comedy to the target audience. As long as human growth hormone remains on the banned list, players are going to assume there is a reason. It is a waste of resources to search for a urine test to remove it from the game. Instead, tell players, “This stuff doesn’t work. If you want to use it, go right ahead and be an idiot. But, don’t complain when you experience pain and swelling and that you have to buy new hats, shoes, and gloves.”

    December 20th, 2007

  • Mitchell Lichtman poses the question “Does reliever over-use lead to poor subsequent performance?” – (View Story)

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