I am not big on steroid stories but since Seven Up; Seven Down focuses on the week in baseball, I almost have to touch on it. Yesterday was a bad day to be a baseball fan. So lets get to it.

By now most of you have read the report, or at least the main parts. I am not going to dissect it line by line.

In doing a quick search. Here are some ex-Cubs on the list. Benito Santiago, Jerry Hairston Jr., Glenallen Hill, Todd Hundley, Gary Matthews Jr., Rafael Palmeiro, Todd Pratt, Rondell White, Matt Franco. Aww, why Glenallen Hill? Remember that homerun he hit to almost dead center that is probably still in the air? This obliviously doesn’t mean they used during there time in Chicago.

Anyway, this topic alone could start about a million debates but I wanted to touch on a few. First of all, is anyone really shocked by the players that were named? OK, maybe Pettite surprised me a bit. I was also shocked to see so many Brewers on the list. Shouldn’t they have won more games in the early part of the decade? Oh, and does anyone really think Sammy Sosa didn’t use steroids.

And what did this report really tell us? Athletes take drugs and enhancers to at least they hope,improve their game. Now that is a shocker! Think about it, what about Babe Ruth and his beer or amphetamines during the golden years of Mantle and Co., or stealing base signs, or corking bats. Cheating has been around and baseball knew and chose to do nothing about it. Now Selig can parade his dog and pony show around talking about how he will not back down from acting on any recommendations. Please Bud spare us the tough guy act.

We could also get in the argument about whose fault it is. Its the owners fault, the GM fault, the players fault, the guy who sells Budweiser on the third base side, even his fault, but what about us as baseball fans? Is any of this our fault? Is our tolerance for drug use/cheating, etc so high, they we had no problem turning a blind eye. The fans wanted to see Mark and Sammy belt out homerun after homerun engrossed in a head-to-head race. It was fun to watch. They want to see Roger Clemens strike out the side with an unhittable fastball. That is what fans want because that is what is exciting. To me it is just sad because I can still enjoy a 1-1 pitchers duel and be just as excited.

I also think that are players not on this list who for some reason escaped publication. Well, they should be ousted too. Yes, I am talking about you Sammy. I do feel however, the argument about these athletes being children’s heroes is now null and void. If anything this list will inspire kids to stay away from steroids because 80% of the players on this list are not very good.

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