In the absence of a Jacki Rossi column due to her wisdom teeth, I present some questions for you as we head into the weekend.

1. Have you taken the time to make your feelings heard in our survey for who should be the 4th and 5th starters next year?

Shame on you if you haven’t done this yet. Stop right now and click here to cast your vote. I’m giving away a copy of the 2008 Bill James Handbook to one random participant. We’ve had a good turnout at the polls as of now, but as is the case in this country, not all eligible to vote have done so.

2. Sources are saying that Johan Santana may be headed to Boston. Would you rather see the Red Sox or the Yankees get him, if it came down to one of those two.

Personally, I’d rather see the Yankees get him, because what I read as the backbone of the deal with the Sox doesn’t impress me. I’d like to see the Twins get a lot in return, and Coco Crisp in the deal does not represent that.

3. A movie based on Game of Shadows, the Barry Bonds steroids book is slated for HBO. Are you interested? – (Source)

Seeing that I don’t have HBO, I don’t anticipate myself caring about this one too much. Bonds just doesn’t interest me all that much. In fact, I didn’t even stay up late to watch the record breaking homerun.

4. George Mitchell’s investigation results are due to release before Christmas and he’s expected to name names. Do you anticipate the results will sour your feelings toward baseball, much like the strike of 1994 did?

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