All I’ve been seeing lately is how Johan Santana needs to come over to Chicago and team with Carlos Zambrano and Ted Lilly on a huge rotation that would bring the Cubs a World Series. While I love the idea of it, I’ve got some news for everyone. It’s not going to happen, and here’s why:

One major league star, multiple prospects and a seven-year, $140 million contract.

That’s what it will take according to Ken Rosenthal, who quotes the Twins rival executives who have interest in Santana this offseason. We don’t have that, case closed.

However, just to appease the natives, I’ll break it down for you. Let’s start with the “Major League star” part. We have that in Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, Derrek Lee, and Carlos Zambrano. Problem with those guys? They all make more money than the Twins want to spend on a player. The Twins have showed they don’t want to spend a great deal of money, as evidenced by letting Torii Hunter go via free agency, so to think they would then bring in Soriano at his price tag is absurd. Factor in that Lee doesn’t fit due to salary and a certain player named Justin Morneau and you’re down to Ramirez. While Ramirez does fit a hole in the Twins lineup, you can’t expect them to bring in a guy signed for four more years at $67 million. It just won’t happen.

Instead, the Twins appear to be most interested in dealing for younger, more inexpensive talent like Jose Reyes or Robinson Cano, who makes absolutely no money at all at $490K this past season. At just over two years on ML service time, Cano isn’t due for a raise for quite awhile due to the rules laid out in the CBA and that’s exactly what Minnesota wants. We’ve seen in the past that the Yankees are willing to trade a rising young second baseman for a proven star and this time appears to be no different. I would not be shocked one bit to see the Yankees put together a package that included Cano, Joba Chamberlain, etc to bring in Santana. They can afford to sign him to the extension, and you can bet that the pinstripes and the chance of winning every year would be enough to entice Santana to waive that no-trade clause of his.

While I’d love to have Santana as much as the next guy, it’s simply not going to happen. We don’t have the ML talent, or the money to sign him to the type of extension he commands. Let’s stop dreaming, OK?

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In the aftermath of Francisco Cordero signing with the Reds, Jesse Motiff is stiff upset, to which I say “Someone cal the whaaaaaaamulance” Boo Hoo for the Brewers fans.

So good luck to you Francisco Cordero. You are a liar and a hypocrite for what you said in the media at the end of the season. You are going to a team that was not competitive last year and still has major issues with both starting and relief pitching. You turned your career around in Milwaukee, but you still struggled away from Miller Park. You now have a full year of pitching away from there and you now face the challenge of pitching in hitter friendly Great American Ballpark. I just don’t see it ending well for you Coco. Good riddance.

Brewers Bar – 11/24/2007

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