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Three Reasons To Say ‘NO’ to Mark Cuban

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

I want to preface these three reasons by saying that I really like Mark Cuban as a businessman and as a person. I’ve seen him do some great things for less fortunate people and is one of the most accessible people around the celebrity ranks. He does great things with his blog and even had a TV show I enjoyed. I just don’t want him to own the Cubs.

Reason # 1Cubes is a Pittsburgh fan. It’s not secret that he was born in Pittsburgh. In 2005, he expressed interest to join up with Dan Marino, Andy Murstein, and Walnut Capital principals Gregg Perelman and Todd Reidbord to acquire the Pittsburgh Penguins. He has also expressed interest in owning the Pittsburgh Pirates (Source). Last I checked, the Pirates are in the NL Central. I understand that they don’t often make any noise of late, but why do I want someone who is a Pirate fan owning my team in the same division? It’s a conflict of interest. I want someone who’s going to understand Chicago and what this team means to the city. Dallas and Pittsburgh are totally different than the City of Chicago. I don’t think Mark Cuban would get that.

Reason # 2He’s obnoxious in his sideline antics. Say what you want about how he’s the “ultimate fan” and how he would bring an air of passion to the team. Baseball is not like basketball. It’s a different sport. It’s classy and has a rich history. I want a front office that is going to conduct themselves professionally. Whether you want that or not, you can’t deny that Cuban has brought his fair share of negative press to the NBA and to the Mavericks. Fights with David Stern make him look ignorant. I don’t want to see the Cubs, who have a great reputation in terms of being fan favorites, turn into a nationally hated team like the Yankees.

Reason # 3What has he ever won? I’m not talking about as a businessman. I’m talking about championships. His teams, with all the money he’s put on the table, has never won the championship. I think we’ve learned over the past 10 years that it’s not all about the money. Look at some of the teams just eliminated from the playoffs and those who didn’t qualify. You can’t just throw money on the table and expect that to yield a championship.

So who do I want to own the Cubs? Don Levin and Buddy Meyers. Levin and Meyers, in case you’re not familiar with them, are the co-owners of the Chicago Wolves. The Wolves have been around for a little over 10 years and have won three championships in that short time. They have eclipsed the Blackhawks in Chicago hockey popularity and have become one of the most successful minor league hockey franchises around. The two business owners have expressed interest in buying the team.

“I’m realistic enough to know that I might not get it, “but I certainly hope that whoever gets it is local and that they have the passion to want to win, not just to play. My dream in life is to be involved in a World Series. Personally, I’d like to do it against [White Sox Chairman] Jerry Reinsdorf. He’s the only other guy who likes to win as much as I do.” ~ Don Levin

That’s the kind of guy I want as my new owner. He cares about the city, about the team, and about sticking it to the White Sox.

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Closure Part 1

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

I know that we all want to move on as quick as we possibly can but I want to take a two part series to vent and reflect about the season and post season that was. It might certainly be therapeutic. I would encourage you as readers of the site to take a moment to add your comments, venting and remembering over the next two weeks. Feel free to jump in on the comments page and add your two cents. It is always interesting to hear other people’s views and reminds us that other people are reading and tracking with what we write. This week I will write reflective ranting about the postseason…maybe I will leave Dick Stockton alone (Although in the final game he referred to Doug David as Ron Davis)…and maybe I will not. But this is my therapy, I will rant and I would encourage you do so as well. Next week I will write about my memories from this season, good and bad. I would like to hear yours as well next week. The Cubs came a long way this season, I’m not talking one season to the next, I’m talking opening day to end. Trivia question: Who was the first reliever that the Cubs called in from the bullpen this year? Try Neal Cotts….remember?

There were many mind numbing things from the playoffs that tell me that the team might need to do some big retooling this off season. I don’t think the problem was merely a failure to gel.

I mentioned this before, but for days and days prior to the beginning of the Arizona series against the D-Backs I heard expert after expert talking about how making Brandon Webb work was an absolute necessity in order to even have a chance of beating him. Am I wrong? Did you not hear that exact scouting report numerous times for days leading up to the series? So it almost made me drive my car into a pole when Alfonso Soriano swung at the first pitch to begin the series. What would get through to him? I am pretty sure that the Cubs know that he cannot be their leadoff hitter next year. On Comcast, following their elimination, the host asked Dan Plesac whether Alfonso Soriano, Ryan Theriot, or someone else should/would lead off next year. Plesac said “It has to be B or C.” He’s right. I know everyone quotes Soriano’s lead off numbers versus other numbers, but talk to me about his post season numbers. Talk to me about why Joe Torre wound up dropping him in the line up during the playoffs. Talk to me about his numbers against the quality pitchers of rotations. We don’t need guys who get fat stats during the year, but can’t fill their role on a playoff team. It takes a team to win a World Series…guys filling their roles…just ask the Yankees. It seems to me that teams are being built smarter, out of necessity, than they used to be. It is not just getting the big stars.

How badly hurt was Soriano? How many times did he pull up short on balls that dropped in front of him? Why is he paralyzed once he steps onto the warning track? What does he think the wall will do to him, forcing him to be unable to move laterally along the wall to be in the proper position to catch a fly ball at the wall?

Did you scream when Soriano got his first hit in the playoffs and watched it fly instead of running? Winding up with a single instead of a double? Is he hurt or lazy?

The playoff series seemed to expose every weakness that we had going in. We have one strong starter, and one guy who is a good number two but had a career year and was not strong down the stretch. We have a three, who began the year as a four, and was hot and cold almost the entire second half. We have abysmal (and that is putting it mildly) defense in the outfield. Did Jim Hendry think that would not matter? We cannot bunt…thus forcing our manager to allow our pitchers to swing away in obvious bunting situations. We cannot hold runners on, and our catchers cannot throw runners out. Our leadoff hitter is a showboat who hops before catching fly balls, can kill fastballs but looks real bad on other pitches, has a killer arm but probably costs you more runs than he saves you. Which of these things surprised you? And if we all say we knew all of these things going in, why do we keep going in like that? Aren’t these things obvious? And one final note, why do we keep basing important parts of our team building strategy on reclamation projects?

It was nice to see the rise of Geovany Soto. Did everyone smile when Michael Barrett dropped the play at the plate in the Padres and Rockies play in game Monday night? It made me think, did he ever catch a play at the plate? There are rumblings that Soto was benched in game three because he called Ted Lilly out for calling him off so often during game two. I am pretty sure those rumors are false, but I didn’t hear Soto call him out. Is that true? What did he say? Compare Soto’s numbers from all of his previous years in the minors to this year. There is a staggering difference…almost suspiciously so. I’m not someone to accuse, but I do wonder how much the Soto of this year will be able to be relied on in the future.

With regards to the future, why do we have few developed played who are talented? Look at the Rockies and D-Backs and Indians and even the Phillies (Chase Utley and Cole Hamels and Ryan Howard??). National League teams that win seem to build smart teams from within their system. Think about this, who is the NL Central front runner for next year. If the Brewers went out and shored up their bullpen, how would you answer that question? Probably the Cubs…but where are our young players. Why can’t our young guys do fundamental things well? Why does Felix Pie flail at the plate? Is there a systematic problem with development? Many times teams trade young talent to win at the moment, but how many of our younger guys are any good around the league? Maybe Dontrelle Willis, but not so much anymore. Jon Garland, but he improved in the White Sox system, there are no guarantees that we would have been able to develop him as well. I am probably missing some, but I can’t remember any. Why is that?

At this point some will bring up Ryan Theriot as a young prospect. He was great this year. However, he did fade at times in the end. Will he improve now that he has a full year under his belt, or have a sophomore slump? What do you think?

Did you know that, according to WSCR, the salaries for the nine D-Backs on the field when the game ended Saturday night was 14 million dollars? It seems to me like having less money makes you work harder and think more. Isn’t it refreshing to not have to hear as much about how economics of baseball are unfair, and so only some teams have a shot. Now we see that teams with smart GM’s who work hard and have a good plan have a shot…except for maybe in the AL East. But this could be changing as well. The Yankees are getting old, you know.

Any fan that thinks this series was lost when Zambrano was pulled in game one is mislead. Were the Cubs going to score any runs because Zambrano was removed from the game? The seventh would have been his last inning anyway. So it stood to reason that Marmol could do the same job as Zambrano in shutting them down. He didn’t and so there are questions. But don’t you think that looking at the offensive numbers throughout the series you would come to a realization that we were probably not going to score? Leaving Zambrano in does nothing to better our offensive numbers. It is apples and oranges. It didn’t work, but it makes sense.

On a side note:
If we get there next year. Don’t plan for game four in game one. We might not have a game four.

The response to the Zambrano thing gave me a realization that Terry Boers on WSCR hit the next day. Fans in Chicago always like to blame a manager as opposed to blaming a player. How is Lou supposed to fix the truth that the big money clutch guys drove in nobody and did not get on base? People say stupid things. One guy said that Lou lost the Cubs this series because he did not call a meeting after game one to yell at the guys for not playing better fundamental baseball. HUH? I bet that would have done it. The old “Guys you are getting paid millions of dollars to do your job. Which is to be a baseball player. And that is what you have been preparing and practicing for decades. And by the way, we are in the playoffs so you should try to do a good job now” speech. If these are the kind of players you have you will never win. Which, by the way, is why I am sick of hearing how much guys make as if salary is a guarantee for hits and performance. It assumes that the wealth allows guys to call on some reserve strength, or something, to make them more equipped to get a hit in a clutch situation. The guys who perform get paid more, but getting paid more does nothing to guarantee future performance. Do we think A-Ram should take AB’s more seriously and try harder than Ryan Theriot because he makes so much more money? Or would we hope that they are trying just as hard? We expect all of our guys to work hard, regardless of salary.

The other thing that is absolutely true of the Chicago fan, and maybe all fans, is that we never lost to a team that is better than us. I got so sick after the Bears lost to the Colts last year with everyone talking about how the Bears should have and could have won…but who was the better team? Yes, we could have played better, but we all knew who was the better team. Sometimes the lesser team pulls out an upset, but usually the better team wins. The Diamondbacks’ on paper roster does not look as good as ours. However, they won 90 games. The most in the NL and in a much harder division than the Cubs played in…they had three teams that could have made the playoffs up until Monday of playoff week. They also had beaten the Cubs 4 of 6 times. I know a big deal was made about the fact that the D-Backs were outscored by their opponents this year, but doesn’t that speak to strength as well as weakness? What must be working well in order to get 90 wins and still be outscored by your opponents. We were out pitched, out hit, out thought, out managed, out run, out hustled, out clutched, in every aspect out played. And maybe we should have seen it coming. Matt mentioned earlier this week, did you ever get a feeling of something magical and dominant from this team? I don’t think I did…even though I began to love them as a team and group of guys.

Please, please stop with the curses and one hundred years stuff. Do you realize that the 100 years does not make it any more likely that we will win ever. Every year is a new start and new chance to build a team strong enough to win. There is nothing random about it. There is no promise that eventually chance will determine that this is our year. 100 years means nothing about our chances…it just means that we have endured much misery. And curses are just bogus.

Why, why, why would Ted Lilly throw a fastball to Chris Young in that situation? It was something that EVERYONE knew was a bad idea, why do our guys think they defy baseball logic? And then to follow it up, why on Earth (That’s as harsh as I get) would Rich Hill begin game three by throwing the same Chris Young a fastball? I think the two balls passed in flight. Why would he ever be thrown a fastball in the series again? It is nice to be down a run one pitch into a must win game. It defies logic, but our guys seem to do that often.

On a good note, getting beaten so badly exposed the weaknesses of the team. I am pretty sure that the management team sees that there is much work to be done. Hopefully, they will do it.

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Responding to the Readers

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Every now and then, I’d like to take some time to respond to some of the comments that I see. Don’t take it as a bad thing. It means I think what you say makes for good writing ideas.

Hand onto Kendall and give him a bit more time to adapt; The Cubs were playing a little bit of “musical catchers” after dealing Barrett, so he should be cut a little slack. If it doesn’t work out by July 31st, deal him ~ Ryno

I can understand your thinking on this one, especially with Geovany Soto being young and with career minor league numbers less than impressive. However, re-signing Kendall means roughly 8 – 10 million committed to him for more than one year. If he signs for that kind of money, he needs to start. Soto is the guy that should be starting next year, which means Kendall has to go. Let’s not forget that Henry Blanco is also signed for $2.8 million in 2008 and has a $3 million club option with a $0.3 million buyout in 2009. That being considered, it may not be wise to bring Kendall back.

Let Mark Cuban buy the club. I am from Texas and can tell you that the man is passionate about the Mavs more than any other owner in the NBA. He would be the same way with the Cubs. In fact, I think he would sell the Mavs if he bought the cubs. ~ Randall

This has me itching to write a whole post devoted to why I don’t want Cuban and who I do want. I’ll leave you hanging until later in the week.

All I ask is that they don’t go after A-Rod. We don’t need another playoff hack, especially one that is over paid. ~ Matt

In 10 postseason Series, here are A-Rod’s Numbers

.275 / .360 / .465 with 6 HR, 16 RBI, 20 Runs in 38 games

That translates to 26 HR, 68 RBI, 85 runs over a 162 game season. While I agree that he’s not the best playoff performer, to not want him on your team because of that is just foolish. Matt, did you forget that his 162 game averages are .306 / .389 / .578 with 44 HR, 128 RBI, 128 Runs. I’ll take that any day of the week.

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Coffee Talk – Ryan Dempster Sexually Harrassed a Fan?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

I got an E-mail in my box yesterday pointing to a story on Deadspin about Ryan Dempster.


As I’m sure you saw on Deadspin on Friday, Ryan Dempster sexually harassed a fan. He asked her (nicely) to take her top off in exchange for the ball he was using to soft-toss; when she declined, he nevertheless gave her the ball, and then signed it with “Take off your damn top”

I argue that he should be suspended.

This is the first time that a major media outlet has nabbed a player, *on-field and in-uniform*, harassing a female fan. If John Rocker received a one-month suspension for his statements, certainly Dempster should spend a week or so on an unpaid vacation.


Here is a picture of the woman and the ball. If you click the image, it will enlarge so you can see the inscription.

So my question to you is this: If it’s indeed true that Ryan Dempster did say and write the things in this article and picture, what should be done to him? Let’s get the discussion going, and thanks to Dan for the great topic for our first off-season coffee thread.

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From Right Field – Wait Til Next Year…….Again

Monday, October 8th, 2007

As I’ve written many times this season, the Cubs march to the Central Division was mind numbingly agonizing, nail biting, stomach twisting, infuriating, and occasionally joyful. One word I refused to use to describe it was “magical.” Not once this season did I ever have the euphoric feelings I had in 2003, almost like there was some sort of higher power making sure that the Lovable Losers would triumph no matter what got in their way. This year I never had those same feelings. That’s not to say I didn’t think they couldn’t do it, I just never really believed they would.

After watching or listening to what I guesstimate at around 90% of all of the Cubs games this season, I’m angry. I’m angry that I wasted my time yet again on another season thinking, praying, hoping, that this was the year. False hopes dashed yet again. In March I’ll be 33 years old. In that time, I’ve seen the Cubs win only four division titles, one wild card berth, and totally implode with the World Series within their grasp twice. Honestly, I don’t know how some of Cubs fans of older generations can put any time into this club over and over. I’m sick to my stomach, and really peeved that I just watched a team look like it was going through the motions against the Diamondbacks. That’s not taking anything away from Arizona, they’re a good team whose record reflects that. Good lord, did the Cubs even look like they were trying? Not to me. In the three divisional series games, I watched only game one all the way through. By Saturday, I turned it off in the sixth and popped in Batman Begins. I couldn’t take anymore. One word, disgusted. OK, two words. Disgusted and embarrassed. For the first time in my life, I’m embarrassed at being a Cubs fan.

Does that make me a bad Cub fan? Maybe. But I’ve had enough. How can a club go what will be 100 years without a world title? Why does it take 99 years, for an Interim President to make an edict of “it’s time to start winning?” Oh yeah, suddenly ownership decides to really open the purse strings to get some major free agents. Too bad the crop wasn’t so great. I’m a twit. I got excited that things were turning around, look where it got me. The same spot I was in as a kid in ’84, and like 2003 a depressive funk again. People wonder why I’m a pessimist when it comes to sharing my thoughts on this northside organization. Pah-lease. The product I just watched was awful, and I’m not talking about TBS’ horrendous coverage. Even my own mother, who doesn’t watch baseball regularly said, “They looked like they were throwing the games.” Amen. I almost wondered that myself more than a few times.

I’ve invested enough of my time and money into the Cubs, why can’t they repay the favor? I’ve purchsed so many hats, shirts, tickets, $5 Old Styles, nachos, hot dogs, and chocolate malt cups, I could of bought a small farm. Come on guys, give some back. Not just to me, but the legions of fans across the country. I think it’s pathetic that the media points out fans in the crowd that are in their 80’s and 90’s and still haven’t seen a World Series trophy with “Chicago Cubs” engraved on it. This is funny? Cute? Acceptable? For the fans that left early Saturday, I salute you. Don’t stand for this garbage anymore, we all deserve better. Perhaps booing, which I disagreed with earlier this year, is good. What we all watched wasn’t worthy of five cent toilet paper.

This isn’t a sick twisted joke anymore. Screw the moronic curse talk, get rid of the “L” flag, drop the Van Halen “Jump,” and mandate that any mention of Bartman from the media gets their credentials revoked. Let’s live in the now, and right this ship, and make this a feared team across the league. I don’t want to see another half assed attempt at getting this team to the next level. I’ve watched it too many times, only to watch the Cubs fall flat on their faces the next season. We all know where that heads, back into another five year funk of craptacular baseball.

I’ve had enough. Shouldn’t the Cubs?

Matt’s “From Right Field” appears every Monday on VFTB.

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Sunday Morning Webtopia

Sunday, October 7th, 2007
  • Inside the Ivy – Q & A with Lou Piniella (Source)
  • Minor League Ball – Prospect Retro: Rich Hill (Source)
  • MLB Trade Rumors – Needs & Luxuries: Chicago Cubs Edition (Source)
  • The Heckler – Interview with Jim Hendry (Source)
  • Ken Rosenthal – Cubs Show True Colors in Sweep Defeat (Source)
  • Paul Sullivan – 2008 might not include Wood, Floyd (Source) Every Sunday morning, we’ll highlight some good writing around the web and beyond. Feel free to send me submissions of things you run across, whether it be good youtube videos, sports related blog posts, or good columns. Send all submissions to:

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    question for next year…again

    Sunday, October 7th, 2007

    On Monday I think I will write an appeal to Jim Hendry to not be deceived by this team and to begin filling the holes that showed up during the series…although many of those holes are under contract.

    But I want to throw out a discussion question:
    Do you have any reason to believe that the team, as composed right now, is on the way up or was this its’ peak potential and it will it decline next year?

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    NLDS Game 3 – Preview

    Saturday, October 6th, 2007

    Scouting Today’s Starters from
    Livan Hernandez – Hernandez had a less than impressive outing in his final start of 2007 when he allowed 13 base runners and four runs in just four innings against the Pirates. It can be nerve-racking to watch Hernandez pitch at times because he has a tendency to pitch his way into and then out of trouble. He works the corners with his pitches and rather than give into hitters he would rather walk them, which explains his high walk total. Hernandez has post season experience with the Marlins in 1997 and the Giants in 2000 and 2002. He’s best remembered for his work in the 1997 playoffs when as a rookie he was named Most Valuable Player of both the NLCS and World Series going a combined 4-0 in those series. Hernandez did not face the Cubs this season, but he is 6-5 with a 3.58 ERA against them in 12 career games. He’s had success at Wrigley Field during his career going 4-2 with a 2.97 ERA in eight games there.

  • The key to Hernandez’s success is his smooth, compact mechanics. This allows him to have above-average control, and it also cuts down on the tension on his shoulder, which allows him to eat up innings. He is also recognized as one of the top hitting pitchers in the National League.
  • Hernandez is not very agile on the field. He has trouble with bunts and covering first base. He lacks a true strikeout pitch against lefties, and generally has trouble throwing strikes to them. Rich Hill – Hill has grown up a lot this season, his first full year in the big leagues. The left-hander with the big curve has won a career high 10 games despite ranking last in the Major Leagues in run support. He got off to a super start, posting a 3-1 record and 1.77 ERA in April. He set a strikeout high on June 7 at Atlanta, fanning 11, and also reached double-digit Ks on Aug. 22 when he fanned 10 in San Francisco. In his first start of the year on April 6 against Milwaukee, Hill gave up one run on one hit over seven innings and struck out six. He needs to be aggressive on the mound, both with his pitches and his body language. He may have saved his best for last.

    What to Watch For

  • Livan Hernandez career vs. the Cubs: 10-6, 4.02 ERA in 127.2 innings of work
  • Livan Hernandez career at Wrigley Field: 4-3, 2.92 ERA in 64.2 innings of work
  • Aramis Ramirez career vs. Hernandez: 1.346 OPS Around the Blogosphere
  • 1060 West – “All is not Lost
  • The Cub Reporter – “Game Two Roundtable
  • Thunder Matt’s Saloon – “It Ain’t Over Yet” Finally, a reader submitted this video to me to post on the site.
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    So Where Are We, Exactly?

    Friday, October 5th, 2007

    After last night’s loss, is it time to lick our wounds and cower back under a rock, or to stand up and fight with the 2004 Red Sox in our head? Where exactly do we stand? Here is what I see, some of which is negative and some of which is positive.

  • We had a game with out Ace on the mound and could have come away with a victory in game one.
  • Our most consistent pitcher all year was wildly inconsistent last night in a game that many deemed as a “must win”
  • Our bullpen has been so so with flashes of good and instances of bad
  • Our hitters are swinging wildly and striking out like it’s going out of style
  • Runners are being left on base as if they’re glued to the dirt and unable to advance.
  • We come home for two in a row and will show the Diamondbacks the Wrigley atmosphere, which may overwhelm them.
  • Rich Hill takes the mound in a real “Must Win” game, but against Livan Hernandez, who has an ERA close to 5.00 on the year and close to 7.00 in the month of September.
  • If we can get by Hernandez, we have Zambrano back on the mound facing the Diamondback’s number four starter.
  • If we can get two wins at home, we’re back to square one with a chance to win this thing.

    Let’s not lose faith, but at the same time, let’s be realistic. This team is capable of winning, but not the way it’s playing. We can win this series, but things need to change and they need to change now.

    Matt’s Notes:

  • Hi, I’m a curveball. Don’t swing at me. I’m looking at you Aramis and Alfonso.
  • Has Lou forgotten how to manage? The past two weeks we’ve watched him yank pitchers without thinking about it. Now we’re going to ride out a rough outing from a starter, because he’s been known to get out of them? Please. And don’t even get me started on the bunting with Lilly and two outs.
  • I feel sick to my stomach knowing our season relies on Rich Hill. I’m confident there won’t be traffic tie ups for the marathon on Sunday.

    Rob’s Notes

    I don’t know how to insert those fancy baseballs but the miserable play of the Cubs has me bothered and ready to rant and let some of it out:

  • Do you dislike Jay Mariotti as much as I do? The guys’s only concern in writing the column is presenting obvious and prevailing opinion, whether or not today’s column agrees with what he wrote yesterday. Finding non-amusing, non-creative nicknames for people (Like calling Rex Grossman the “Rex-Terminator” or Ozzie Guillen “The Blizzard of Oz”…are these things funny) is not skill. It is stunning that you write for a major newspaper. It is stunning that you have other jobs where people are listening to your opinions. His column on the Cubs today said that this would go down as the worst choke in Cubs history. That’s hard to believe. Do you know how much choking has gone on in this team’s history. He mentioned in his article today that it is a terrible thing to overcome that of the 50 teams in history that were down 0-2 only 7 have come back to win the series. To me that is not terrible odds. Think of it this way, the series is designed to have the home team win the first two and the road team to win the second two. Let’s hope…
  • I am still wrestling with Lou’s decision to pull Z in game 1. However, we all know that if Marmol had made it through that inning we all would have been OK with it, whether or not the Cubs lost the game. We wouldn’t expect Zambrano to throw the eighth. And everyone would say “Come on this guy has to pitch again this series” if Z threw like 110 or 120 pitches. Had he pitched the seventh he would have left with 100-110 pitches. What it boils down to is whether or not Lou should have thought that Marmol would shut the D-Backs down. Of course he should have. I know we always look for people to blame, and in retrospect the move looks bad. But if you’re looking to lay blame, blame the stars of the team who cannot drive in runs or move guys over.
  • Doesn’t listening to Dick Stockton make the games seem ten times worse? How bad is TBS doing this series? I know everybody loves Pat and Ron but listening to them drives me crazy. I am sick of hearing Ron’s ” Jason Marquis is gonna pitch well today. I have a feeling!!! Buhleeve me.” But most of all I cannot take it when something goes wrong and someone is screaming and moaning in my radio. I am upset enough as it is, I don’t need an announcer pouring gas on that fire.
  • When I was watching the Padres-Rockies playoff game on Monday night, I was stunned that TBS had chosen those guys as a playoff announce pair, I was watching the Braves-Brewers game on TBS the week before and could not believe that Tony Gwynn was an announcer, now I hear Dick Stockton and it all makes sense. The good announcers are all announcing the NFL.
  • One sentence about Alfonso Soriano…”You are who we thought you were.” I cannot believe that there is so much Soriano love. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! I don’t think I am an alarmist but I think that this Soriano signing will go down as one of the worst signings in baseball history. I hope I am wrong. He cannot hit curve balls, and that continues to demonstrate itself and he might not see another fastball in this series. His postseason numbers are miserable. They were so miserable with the Yankees that Joe Torre dropped him to seventh or eighth in the middle of a playoff series. This series he gets his first hit, and watches it instead of running…winds up with a single instead of a double in an important situation. NEWSFLASH: ALFONSO THIS IS THE PLAYOFFS!!! RUN!!! I guess he probably figured nobody would drive him in anyway. Last night on Erik Byrnes’ triple, Soriano should have caught the ball somewhat easily. But again he horribly misplayed it. Not an error, but a misplayed ball and another costly run.
  • Speaking of which…does Jim Hendry realize that there is more to building a baseball team than offensive power numbers especially home runs? Spending money is not building a team. I hope he begins to get this together. If he is still the GM. If you want to think about how good of a job Lou has done this year remember the team he was handed. Barrett behind the plate (Dropped another ball on a season ending play the other night), Izturis at short (platooning with Cedeno), Soriano in Center…and on and on. I like Jim Hendry, but there just seems to be no plan regarding how to build the team. How could you comfortablt begin a season with the defensive outfield of Floyd/Murton, Jones, and Soriano? And all of these backloaded contracts are going to kill us in the future…I think.
  • Do you think that Lou might drop Aram to fifth as he did when he was struggling earlier in the year?

    Now that I have vented I can rest easier and look forward to a Cubs win tomorrow. Go CUBS!!! Will it happen while we are alive?

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