I’ve got some good ones for you this week. I’ll be back tomorrow with a commentary of the Q & A that Jim Hendry did with Carrie Muskat the other day. Until then, enjoy the world wide web.

  • Sean Gallagher was mentioned in the latest Monday Morning Ten Pack on BP

    Gallagher continued to impress Cubs brass this season, putting up a 3.10 ERA between the organization’s Double and Triple-A affiliates while limiting opposing hitters to a lowly .233 batting average and just four home runs. While he wasn’t nearly that success in a couple of brief big league stints, allowing 15 runs in 14 2/3 innings, he’s now in Arizona, and working on making a fresh start next year. In his first three innings, Gallagher has allowed just one hit while striking out four, a difficult task in the hitting-friendly environs of the AFL. He’ll likely go to camp next year with a real chance at a big league job, and his long-term role remains a valuable, durable, middle-of-the-rotation starter. (Source)

  • The Cub Reporter posted a humorous look at the 2008 season of the Cincinnati Reds now that Dusty Baker is the confirmed manager. I particularly like the entry for October 1st, 2008 (Source)
  • The Hardball Times takes a look at Why the commissioner is allowing the Mitchell Investigation to intrude on the Fall Classic. (Source)
  • MLB Trade Rumors breaks down a little bit about how Type A,B & C free agents are determined. (Source)
  • Ken Rosenthal addresses the issue of Manny Ramirez and his terrible antics. I usually agree with Rosenthal quite often, but when he suggest that the Red Sox trade Manny and sign A-Rod, that lost me. Does he not remember that in the off-season of 2003/2004, the Red Sox placed Manny on waivers and no one claimed him. If he wasn’t claimed for nothing more than a claiming fee of like $50,000, why would someone suddenly have interest in giving up prospects for him? (Source)
  • Our friend over at Cubby-Blue posted a funny cartoon of Lovie Smith that we thought we’d share. Be sure to check out his site more more great artwork a couple times a week. (Source)Every Sunday morning, we’ll highlight some good writing around the web and beyond. Feel free to send me submissions of things you run across, whether it be good YouTube videos, sports related blog posts, or good columns. In addition, this is a good day to submit some of your own writing for posting as a guest post. Send all submissions to:
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