Each week I will make effort to write a Tuesday column that we have begun to title “Killing Time Until Opening Day.” Then on opening day we will probably need to change the title again. Then if the Cubs are bad we will just go back to the title even if it is mid-season like one of those perpetual calendars. As soon as we deem that the Cubs are out of it we will begin counting time until opening day next year.

This column will sometimes be about baseball and sometimes not. Sometimes it might not even be about sports. Hopefully, you will find it interesting enough to read and provoking enough to throw in your two cents. This makes things more interesting for everyone. I have noticed that many people read the site while they are presumably at work and keep the discussions going throughout the day. This is good. A bored, laboring community joined together to beat the man.

I had computer issues at home and so this column is a little short right now and I will extend it throughout the day. Last week I wrote an article entitled “Closure Part 1” which had to do with many of the things that the team did wrong in the playoffs. Next week I want to reflect on how far the team has come or not come in the past year. But the article from last week started what I think could be an interesting discussion and a timely one as well.

This week the Cincinnati Reds hired Dusty Baker as their new manager. I have heard that there has been a backlash from fans regarding this hiring, I am not sure how true this is. But following my post last week there were some comments that implied that the team still would have gone to the playoffs this year even if Dusty Baker had been their manager instead of Lou Piniella. What do you think about this? Did Lou do anything that Dusty would not have done, aside from being a little more fiery? Would the team still have done as well with Dusty here? Or maybe would they have even done better?

On another discussion note. Last night I was up late watching the Colorado Rockies celebrate the National League pennant. (Are you like me and know for absolute certainty that if the Cubs can ever do it you will break down sobbing like a little child?) So I was thinking to myself it seems to me that the National League teams that are successful build their teams one way and American league teams that are successful build them a different way. This is probably obvious, although I think there is more meaning to what I am saying than is present on the surface. But I was thinking last night that the Cubs seem to build their team more like an American League team than a National League team. Do you think this is true? Help me flesh this thought out. Why or why not?

And finally a question that I think might be somewhat fun. During the press conference introducing Dusty Baker yesterday he said that a number of players called him and said they would be willing and excited to join the team. Who do you think those players are? I bet Jon Kruk, since they’ve gotten so close from hosting Baseball Tonight together…Krukky might be ready to throw on the cleats again.

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