Typically, I’ve written my weekly addition for View From The Bleachers, before the weekend is upon us. This week, not so much. With doing the two recaps last week, and my own baseball team in the playoffs, time was short. Well, that and I was a little lazy. So here I sit Sunday evening, trying to figure out what to write about. The Cubs are in the playoffs for only the fifth time in my lifetime, and except for 1989, which I’ve discussed before, I remember each moment they clinched. This year was no different.

Friday night, I told my wife we were going out for a “date.” I was absolutely positively sure the Cubs would lose, and wouldn’t secure the Central Division title until Saturday. A day I had planned on just sitting at home so I could watch. So there we sat at Stir Crazy, her favorite Asian eatery munching on huge bowls of our very own stir fry creations, having a drink, and just enjoying what was a nice dinner. Before we headed out, she swung past the bar area to catch the score. Oddly, they were only showing the Milwaukee game, and the Brewers were winning 3-2 at the time.

We decided to head over to IKEA, to just wander the mecca of home furnishing on the cheap. We’re desperate need of art for the walls, so we thought we’d check out some lovely mass produced prints that surely adorn millions of walls across the country. On the way over Pat and Ron filled the car with news on how the Cubs were winning handily, and that the Brewers were still in a tight one up north. I got uneasy, about our visit to IKEA, I now wanted to get home to catch what might be a title celebration.

After grabbing some prints and frames, we headed for the door, and clicked on the game again. The Cubs had won, and now we were all waiting for the result of the Brewers’ game. It was 3 to 4, Brewers and still up in the air. My wife immediately turned to me, and asked if we could get the game on the radio, I had no idea. I hadn’t even tried since I was in school in Milwaukee. Magically, Bob Uecker’s voice scrambled across the airwaves, and we had instant access to the was the most important game of the night. Bob spelled it out. Khalil Greene and knocked in a three runs on his homer, and the Brewers were in dire straits. It was time to get home! I had one and a half innings to watch the celebration. 160 games of nail biting, ranting, stomach turning, begging, praying, drinking to ease the pain, was all coming to an end. The Cubs were going to be the Central Divison champs!

I ran in the door just as the Milwaukee game ended, and watched the Cubs literally soak the place with champagne. Watching the Comcast crew interview everyone, I thought of what a wild ride this has been. After May, I was sure this team was done. After July, I thought the Cubs were going to run down the division and have it in hand by mid September. After August, I thought we’d be lucky to play for anything by this weekend. It was a Cubs season like no other, and yet just like all the others. Expect the worst, but hope for the best. This year, we got the best.

To the players, management, the broadcast crews, our fearless leader Joe, and all of the readers, and commenters, thanks. This has been one great way to start a blogging career. Let’s go get eleven more.

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