The Brewers got drilled by the Padres tonight which cuts the Cubs magic number to two. The Cubs now enter the final three games of the season up two in the standings. Now I know that no one thought the team would get swept by the Marlins, and they are really bad record wise, however there is some spin to think about the series. The Cubs pitched their four and quasi five against the Marlins with Marquis and Trachsel. Lilly pitched game one but he pitched against Dontrelle Willis who has good potential when he pitches. There is no excuse for getting swept, but the Marlins have a lot of good hitters, and the first place teams are losing all over the league. Also the Cubs were hitting a little in the final two games, with Ramirez and Soriano both hitting shots that would’ve gone out in any park in the last game. Bottom line: we shouldn’t get swept…but we did and the magic number decreased by two in the process.

Good news. Consider this: because the magic number is two the Cubs could clinch every game from here out. If we win any game, and the Brewers lose on the same day we’re in. Ben Sheets has been pulled from his start tomorrow and Greg Maddux will face Chris Capuano…go Madd Dog. On Saturday Chris Young will pitch against Dave Bush. Honestly, there is a chance we could back our way in without winning…but let’s not try.

Worst case scenario right now…and a real reason to SETTLE DOWN CUBS FANS…worst case scenario the Cubs are tied with the Brewers on Sunday with Jake Peavy starting against them. Currently, Peavy is not slated to start but if the Brewers somehow win both Friday and Saturday they will then need to pitch him on Sunday in order to make the playoffs.

On a final note: don’t turn on this team yet. How they play this week has absolutely no bearing on how they will do if they make the playoffs. Also, how they have played for the last century has nothing to do with how they will play these three games. Consider this: because they have played so amazing this month they laid the Cardinals to rest and put themselves in a position that they could play weak this series and still be in control of the division. Again, the Cubs currently have the biggest division lead in the National league. And if I am remembering right, they are something like 17 games over .500 since June.

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