Been so long since I did anything but comment I forgot how to add my insights to an existing post so I will just use this new post to comment on Sunday’s game against the Houston Astros.

D LEE – hero or not, he’s hurting and deserves a day off to rest those ribs. We need him strong down the stretch.

ARAMIS – So lucky his ejection didn’t come back and cost the Cubs the game. No excuse to act like that and risk losing your bat the last three innings. Lee picked you up big time, buddy.

THE CARDINALS – How can any true baseball fan or human being find any pleasure whatsoever in Encarnacion’s life-threatening accidnet? I want to win the division as much as anybody but not at the expense of a man’s career or vision. ** In the interest of full disclosure, I am legally blind myself.

With all of their problems, the Brewers and Cards still managed to gain on the Cubs this weekend, both sweeping their series – the way the Cubs should have done as they were facing the Astros at home without Oswalt pitching.

BIGGIO – Now that he’s retiring, I like the guy. He’s killed the Cubs so much I couldn’t stand him for years but as Joe stated, he really is a good guy and wish him well in the future.

BULLPEN – Not only Dempster but the rest of the pen did their jobs yesterday. Now brace yourselves everyone, even Kerry Wood is starting to show me something. No one has been tougher on KW than me. I’m man enough to say I could have been mistaken. He’s helping us and I’m glad he’s with the team.

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