September 1st, 2007


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   R H E
Houston 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1   3 6 2
Chicago 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 1 X   4 7 0
W – J. Marquis (11-8)  L  – T. Patton (0-2) S – R. Dempster (24)
Homeruns: C. Lee (27) L. Scott (16) D. Lee (16) A. Ramirez (19)

Box Score

The deadly left handed pitcher was on the bump again today. The Cubs have struggled mightily all year against lefties. To be honest, when I saw that we had to face Troy Patton, a lefty and a rookie, I figured we were in for another loss. It’s two factors the Cubs can’t seem to overcome this season. On the plus side the Cubbies are 17-10 in games started by Marquis, and he has yet to lose back to back games.

First thing that caught my attention, besides Comcast’s numerous shots of Lincoln Park Trixies, was the sun. No clouds and a 12:05 start, that makes it a very difficult background for the outfielders. I’ve always knocked Carlos Lee’s defensive *ahem* skills, but he showed great technique in not only putting his glove, then his hand to block the sun, but also turning his body away. The sun proved to be of little difficulty though, as most balls early were hit hard and right at someone. Or as Len continued to say “Atom balls.” Ramirez made a inning saving play in the third, by making a diving stop, stepping on third and narrowly throwing out the runner at first. That was turning point number one.

I was finally glad to see Soriano take some pitches. He looks like he’s just swinging at anything to get back into the groove. Seriously, couldn’t the Cubs have given him a short rehab assignment first? Like clockwork Len and Bob were discussing the lineup and Theriot batting first versus second, when he ripped one into left center. Here’s where a lack of fundamentals can kick you in the pants. Had Hunter Pence hit the relay man, Soriano would have been stuck at third, and no run would have scored. That was one of the most painful looking runs from third to home plate I’ve seen in a long time. There’s no way Soriano is 90%. I’d put him at 85%, tops. It still looks like he’s in pain trying to stretch the legs out.

I’ll be quite honest, I feel asleep over the next few innings. What can I say, I went crazy last night and had two whole beers. The game was moving along quickly and nothing was happening, it just lulled me to sleep. With the exception of the fielder’s choice RBI for the Astros, it looked like we were in for another duel between the pens. Then, somebody switched on the power. Perhaps Square D forgot to flip the switch in the basement. In any case, it was nice to see A-Ram and D-Lee go ya-ya. especially Derrek, as he’d been 0 for his last 12 coming into today. As per usual, Dempster made in interesting but secured the win. Really, I’d go right after Carlos Lee too with a two run lead too. Why mess around?

Matt’s Notes:

  • Steve Trachsel showed up sometime during the game. He made it just in time to celebrate A-Ram’s homer.
  • Has Monroe made any sort of contribution yet?
  • There’s only one advertising campaign that I truly get physically ill when it airs. That’s Lexus’ moronic Christmas sale. You know, the one where all the people get big red bows on their shiny new Lexuses. I think I have a runner up. The Event, by you guessed it, Lexus. Great name guys, makes me want to run right out and buy me a hoity toity car.
  • Getting back to the Cubs not beating rookies. They’re 6-0 against in their last six games. I guess I was wrong in my theory……again.
  • Feel free to ask Joe how much he loves Fox. Just remember to duck and cover.
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