For those of you that weren’t in the Chicagoland area last Thursday, we were hit hard with an incredible storm. I was on my way to O’Hare when it hit, and my Blue Line run took a mere hour and twenty minutes. When I arrived, the power was out to the O’Hare Hilton, with the exception of their work out room. I found that odd. The halls were lit with flashlights, but the workout room was fully lit with TV’s and the music blaring. In any case, I found out my flight to Arizona was canceled, and I decided right there that it was not to be, and gave up on the whole thing. It took me an additional three hours to get home. Sometimes I hate Chicago weather. On the bright side, I realized I had nothing to do for the weekend for a change, and I could finally sit down and watch the Cubs, and catch a pre-season Bears game.

My second favorite sport to watch is football. As with the ’84 Cubs, my childhood memories revolve around the ’85 Bears. How could a kid not remember those Superbowl shuffling Bears? The Fridge, Iron Mike, Samurai Mike, and Sweetness? There’s been only two times in my life that I remember getting a reprieve from bedtime as a kid. The first was when the Cubs clinched the pennant in 1984, the second was when the Bears came back against the Vikings on Monday Night Football. I fondly remember my Dad yelling in the other room, and running down to get me out of bed to watch the rest of the game. It was one I’d never forget. Mostly because if any of you have seen my Dad run, you know it’s a funny scene.

This weekend I sat on our couch after a day of fighting, I mean installing, a bifold door. I think I put sailors to shame with some of the language that spewed from my mouth. I needed a break, and the Cubs game was on just in time. As I sat watching and sipping some fine brew, my wife kept flipping back and forth to the Bears’ game. I found it annoying at first, as I had not been able to watch a Cubs game in over a week. After awhile, I began to enjoy it, and realized this may be the best time of the year for me. Football, both college and pro, and baseball is in full swing. 40 some games left, and the Cubs are in the hunt. Heck, in few days, Completely Useless By September can no longer be muttered this year. This could be a truly magical year for Chicago fans. The Bears should be on the Superbowl prowl, and with Alfonso Soriano returning tomorrow, the Cubs’ destiny is in their own hands.

Not since 2003, I know it’s not so long ago, have I had a reason to run home to watch the Cubs, or stare longly at my computer screen watching the updates. It’s an odd feeling, but one I’m happy to be having again. The dog days of summer are passed, but the heat of the fall is just beginning.

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