As I’ve said before, if anyone still listens to me, I don’t go to games at Wrigley Field anymore. There is one exception to that rule, but I’ll divulge my Rule 17.6B at a later date. After I spent a ton of cash in 2005 on ten games, watching a terrible product, and dealing with more and more “dudes.” I called it quits. Then it struck me, I could still see my beloved Cubbies, but give my money to other more deserving teams. I’ll road trip to other stadiums to watch the Cubs! Hot damn, I’m a genius!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t done this as much as I’d liked to, but I have seen games in Milwaukee (I know, wow what a trip!), Cleveland, and Phoenix. They’re all small market teams that really need the support more than the Cubs, so I feel better knowing where my hard earned coin is headed. Like Grady Sizemore’s contract….Mmmm, Grady Sizemore. I love me some Grady Sizemore. Or, Eric Byrnes….golden mop haired boy of never ending energy. Even better, Geoff Jenkins, who I am sure only has a roster spot on the Brewers because he looks similar to Brett Favre. OK, scratch Geoff Jenkins. There’s nothing of worthiness in Milwaukee but, Sprecher and Lakefront Breweries.

What always amazes me is the incredible amount of Cubs fans at each park. Phoenix, by far is absolutely ridiculous. Last spring business sent me westward in April at the same time the Cubs were on their west coast road swing. As I typically do, I headed to the nearest establishment close to Chase Field (I still call it the BOB) to take in some libations before the game. I had tucked my Cubs hat into my back pocket for fear of a beat down from the locals. What I found was that Cubs fans out numbered all other patrons somewhere around 10 to 1. It was like strolling around Wrigleyville. I even saw the highly secretive, pastel plaid shorts, upturned collar polo shirt, flip flop Cubs fan. Alas, I was too slow at getting a picture of the shy beast, as he put on his over sized sun glasses and made a break for the restroom.

Get ready folks, I actually have a point this week. Here it comes.

In two weeks “From Right Field” will be on a road trip! Yay me! Once again, business takes me to Phoenix. I can hear your jealousy. Phoenix? In August? How does one get so lucky? To which I say, you’re right. I have no luck it all, which is why I’m a Cubs fan in the first place. We go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly, Mark Grace and a smoke, or Harry Caray and a Budweiser.

You see, even though I’m seeing the Cubs, I’m still sticking it to the man. Do hear me McDonough? I’m giving my money to the D’backs! Take that you GM of gargantuan proportions. You’re down $56.73 in revenue this year! Just try to sign a free agent now. No one can stop me with this evil plot, unless the Cubs go deep in the playoffs like they did in 2003, and I’ll need to pay my respects in person just like in ’04 and ’05.

“From Right Field” appears every Monday on VFTB. Unless, of course, Matt is dreaming of Eric Byrnes running down a line drive to the gap.

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