Great interview with Len Kasper by the illustrious


  • Just how awful would Neifi have been playing without his beloved greenies?

    LEN: I just feel bad for all his fans.

  • I’ve been offered a book deal to write one akin to Sports Guy’s “Now I Can Die In Peace” after the Cubs finish their 100th championshipless season in 2008. Mine would be called, “Please Shoot Me In the Head.” Do I risk being all Dan Shaughnessy and profiting on my favorite team’s misery if I accept? Also, to save you the time of reading it, I’ve already written your dust jacket review. How does this sound? “The greatest book ever written. Makes ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ look like a steaming pile of dung.” Nice, huh?

    LEN: I think this would work better: “It’s the best thing I’ve read since last Thursday’s WGN blog post by Len Kasper.”

    Score one for Lenny.

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