Seems that the Cubs are a hot topic all over the place right now. Lots of interest from a lot of different ‘news’ sources. I wanted to highlight a couple of things and comment on them.

  • The Impending Sale. It is official: A sign that the apocalypse is truly upon us. I have publicly stated it and I’ll say it again. If Mark Cuban happens to buy the Cubs, it will be the biggest test of my Cubs loyalty ever! I don’t like the Tribune ownership and I don’t doubt that some new blood is needed to place the emphasis back on on winning. HOWEVER, if the Cubs nation sells their soul to Mark Cuban for a championship, not even Daniel Friggin’ Webster will be able to save our collective butts. The only Cuban I want running the Cubs is Fidel Castro. He would accept nothing less than victory, and a Havana ‘farm team’ certainly couldn’t hurt.
  • Ken Griffey. There are published reports out of Ohio that say that Griffey himself has limited his trade opportunities to just Atlanta and Chicago. Many so called experts and analysts seem to think that it would be big for the Cubs. I’m not so sure. Let’s see, we’ve got a crowded outfield and we need to be concerned with payroll. Unless Griffey has begun pitching, why on Earth would adding Griffey help? He’s expensive and fragile. I’d rather have Dunn.
  • Contracts, Cash, and Confidence. Here’s an interesting piece of reading that is just one of a few different sources, that state that the league had nothing to do with the squashed JJ to the Marlins deal. Which is a relief. At least to me. It makes me feel like the Cubs may not be as financially handcuffed as I thought that they were because of the impending sale. I think that Hendry did the right thing not just letting JJ go for peanuts. I know that he is a salary dump, but that’s a double edged sword for Hendry. If JJ moves to a new city and picks up a hot stick, while the prospect that we get in exchange does absolutely nothing. Well then, it will just be additional fodder for all of the “I can do better” arm chair GMs. There are quiet a few decent pitchers out there being named as trade bait. I’m a firm believer that the Cubs just aren’t being creative enough to put together a good package that would land someone who can contribute now. With several teams very nearly going into fire sale mode, there are a lot of possibilities. I personally think that Houston is ripe for the picking and hope that Big Jim is feeling them out while they are in town. I don’t know what it would take to get Oswalt, but supposedly he’s being dangled. I know we probably need long to middle relief, but I really like Oswalt. Hill or Marshall could always move to the ‘pen if needed,Anyway, I am excited that we’re finally getting back to the baseball that REALLY matters. Go Cubs!
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