A couple of weeks ago, Joe and I lightly discussed the All Star break. I haven’t watched one since the Selig debacle in Milwaukee, and it seems I’m not the only writer here that doesn’t care for the game. Don’t get me wrong, celebrating the best players in the game is something every sport should do. It’s one of the few times you’ll see the best at each of their respective positions play next to each other. It’s a video game GM’s wet dream come true. The whole event is just kind of lost on me. Home field advantage for the World Series is decided by this three ring circus? Please.

My biggest gripe, as it is with all All Star voting in each professional sport, is fan voting. It’s moronic. Too many casual fans voting for names, not for achievement. Case in point this year, Aramis Ramirez getting snubbed. I’ll admit David Wright is a fine third baseman, but Aramis’ numbers are better, with the major exception of stolen bases. Speaking of which, how many third basemen have 17 stolen bases (at the time of this writing)? OK, so maybe he does deserve to be there, but shouldn’t Aramis too?

Don’t even get me started on the sudden increase in voting on the last day that edged Soriano out of the starting line-up for one, ego induced (among other things IMO), Barry Bonds. It makes my skin crawl. It’s fan bias at it’s highest point of stupidity. Or perhaps the Men in Black were working the numbers. I find it way to coincidental.

I do, however, watch the Homerun Derby. I know, stupid. It’s glorified batting practice. I get a kick out of it. More for watching the players cheer each other on, and the camaraderie we see from players on all the teams. It’s a quick glimpse of the shenanigans that go on inside the clubhouse, dugout and the charter flights. Oddly, it’s not much different from the goofiness that went on in Little League, and what I hear and see between players my Senior League. It’s refreshing to know that there are players that still get a kick out of coming to the park on a daily basis, and enjoy each others company.

Do any of you still watch the All Star game? What’s you favorite part about the Mid-Summer Classic?

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