I know, I know, the sweep of the Sox it’s the greatest thing since beer came in cans with wide mouth openings. I’m just as happy about the sweep as the rest of you, but for other reasons.

For one, it’s the best baseball I’ve seen the Cubs play all year. Timely hitting, excellent defense, and only one real running gaffe in three games. I guess the ghost of Michael Barrett still remains. Or Jacque Jones is still in charge of the base running drills. Either that, or Angel Pagan knows he’s fast and wants to run until the cows come home, or Mike Quade puts up the “stop” sign. Which, by the way, seems to happen all too often. Seriously Mike, stopping Pie and Pagan on a ball hit over the right fielder’s head? We’ve got the anti-Wendell Kimm in the third base coaches box. What gives?

All you Izturis detractors what do you have to say for yourself? And yes, I know he hits like he’s swinging a toothpick, but he made some gold glove caliber plays this weekend. Calling for Soriano to throw to second in game two was a huge key. I’m not sure Theriot makes that call.

Let’s be honest, that is a bad Sox team. We pretty much beat the Charlotte Knights, with some underachieving MLB players smattered into the lineup. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but these are the teams this Cubs team should beat. Say like the Texas Rangers. Oops, that didn’t go so good did it. If we roll through the Rockies, I’ll be pretty excited about this weekend’s series with the Brewers. Although the Rockies just swept the Yankees, and then got swept by the Jays. So who knows what Rockies version we’ll see. The Cubs need to take care of business this week. Making a move on the NL Comedy Central is essential in the next seven days, then I’ll be one excited Cubs fan.

On a side note, the WGN Radio crew noted that two weeks ago, reports of clubhouse dissention were running rampant. Lou had lost the players, and anarchy was beginning to roll. Suddenly Michael Barrett is traded and it’s all lovey dovey. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I’m thinking Mr. Barrett was causing more problems than we knew.

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