I’ll let Joe handle the honors of writing the post-game analysis on this one. Some of you know that I posted a thing about how great it felt with the way the Cubs have been playing recently. No sooner than I posted it the Cubs gave up six runs!

I still feel real positive about things, except for the fact that our GM is still a retread and Eyre and Howry shouldn’t be in Cubs uniforms. Our Cajun Connection infield is still exciting, we have competition at 2B, SS, CF, RF and setup relief and competition is a good thing.

The Cubs will be making a roster move tomorrow to shore up the bullpen. I sincerely hope our lame duck GM will consider dumping the two guys that almost blew tonight’s game as well. Of course we all know when that will happen – when hell freezes over or when pigs fly. Whichever comes first.

I’m still not giving up on this team. Will this team break my heart once again? Perhaps…thank God for Soriano!

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