You can’t write enough about a happy day like this one was. Despite the fact that the Cubs family lost one of it’s favorite sons – Shooter Beck will be missed by all of us old-timers, he was certainly a character. What I will always remember most about Rod was the Winnebago he parked outside of Sec Taylor Stadium in Des Moines – I-Cubs players quickly learned where the open bar was and his contribution was not so much the stellar numbers he put up at Iowa – rather he was the team morale leader and even fans learned that they could stop by and meet one of the friendliest guys in all of baseball. Rod Beck will be sorely missed by all of baseball.

As for the Cubs game…I’m totally shocked. We’re playing good baseball, stingy defense and, outside of Angel Pagan’s miscues we’re running the bases well. I’m sure that Angel had a serious and frank discussion with Piniella after the game – had Angel been looking at the third base coach he never would have had the collision at second and the second baserunning miscue was totally unacceptable. I look for Angel to be the guy that gets sent down on Monday unless the Cubs DL Dempster/DeRosa or waive Eyre/Jones.

And what about the superlative relief work that Marmol is putting in! This is the kind of Cubs team we dreamed of – Soriano throwing out runners, hitting homeruns and the second-best ERA in the National League. The Cubs are still 7.5 back but I’m still hopeful, the team is playing good baseball and that’s all I really expect. The rest is just icing on the cake.

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