I have not given up on this season. Rather, I want to hold players and management accountable for their actions. We as Cub fans have a tendency to accept mediocrity because we’re used to less. But we ain’t yer daddy’s Cubs fans – we understand today’s power polemnics and money ball. So now we have to deliver a message to the GM and players – namely it’s time to put up or shut up. Time to produce or leave.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about – Felix Pie had a crucial situation late in the game. He DELIVERED – kudos to Pie! Let’s give him a pat on the back. Soriano is coming around nicely and we have some bright spots in the middle infield with The Riot and Fontenot. Those guys are good building blocks and many teams would give their eye teeth to get a young tandem like that for the kind of money that they’re being paid. Ramirez will limp through this season and do surgery after the year is finished – I suspect we’ll see a lot of DeRosa at third, he’ll probably share the position with Aramis. IMO Mark is turning into a clutch role player – something the management didn’t hire him to do. Our outfield is suitably stocked, and Murton is ready at AAA if we need a call-up.

So that leaves the starters and the relievers – we need more quality starts out of Marquis and perhaps Lilly. Going into the season these guys appeared to be our Achille’s heel and now that we’ve gotten into the meat of the season we need to watch these guys closely. And there’s no more time for idiocy in the bullpen – guys that don’t produce need to be dismissed immediately. No more excuses from the GM, it’s time to produce results or be gone. Either Hendry can make the difficult decisions or he can’t.

The NL Central is a poor man’s division – anybody that has a GM with a modicum of intelligence can win this division. Can we?

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