Nearly all of us wake up five days out of seven and go to work. Some of us have safe jobs and we can just coast until five and go home; but most of us have jobs in which our security is based upon performance. If our company doesn’t do well, changes could happen and we could be out on the street. OR, if we don’t do well, we could end up on a “performance improvement plan” or some other form of corporate documentation that would result in the same.

So it perplexes me when, year after year we see the Cubs shake their heads and lose games. We’ve fired the so-called president and a very uninspired manager yet the results seem to be the same. Now we have a firebrand in the dugout and he’s not afraid to make changes – in fact he’s changed his lineup more than Imelda Marcos changed shoes. So what gives?

I think that there’s a malaise in the clubhouse. For some reason or another the key players don’t have the spit and vinegar that’s requisite for championship baseball. They go out there and put up decent numbers but the attitude sucks. These guys are just doing an eight to five, clocking their hours and collecting their paychecks. We’ve had Barrett, Zambrano, Lee and Ramirez for a few years now – sure they put up good numbers but are they team leaders? Methinks not. This team looks like 25 guys who are preparing for a firing squad, not a World Series.

I’d like to think that Piniella has the moxie to change the prevailing attitude, I suspect that he’ll do everything he can. But if this team is still losing at All Star break I think it’s high time that the Cubs consider trading some of their so-called “untouchables” and see if we can get players with a little less skill and a lot more attitude.

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