Today we watched Byun-hyun Drysdale befuddle the Cubs, a team that now looks somewhat clueless at the plate. This appears to be an increasing trend with the Cubs – they are starting to look a lot like Dusty’s team last year. They go up to the plate hacking, they leave runners on base in key situations and on the basepaths they find a new and innovative ways to lose games instead of winning them.

So last year we got rid of a tired and uninspired manager and replaced him with one that had a reputation for being a sparkplug. Where’s your fire and zeal Uncle Lou? Are you waiting for July Fourth to show us your fireworks? I’m still behind Piniella but I’d like to see him start to hold this team more accountable. Even if that means “facing” them in the papers. And Lou, why in the Sam Hill did you put Eyre in the game again today? What kind of stupidity was that? Had it not been for Piniella’s poor decision-making the Cubs might have tied the game in the ninth. But no, he had to go back to the well with Eyre, a move that was very reminiscent of Dusty repeatedly going to LaTroy.

Usually Cubs fans will cut you a year’s worth of slack Uncle Lou but patience is not at an all-time high in Chicago. Sorry to say it but the honeymoon appears to be over – it’s time to bring home the bacon!

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