May 28th, 2007


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   R H E
Florida 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1   5 10 1
Chicago 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3   3 8 1
W –  B. Kim (3-2)   L  – S. Marshall (0-2)  S – K. Gregg (5)
Homeruns: R. Abercrombie (2)

Box Score

A late rally adds some excitement, but the Cubs fall in a really good game. I enjoyed this one, despite the result.

Sean Marshall
With another good start resulting in yet another tough loss, Marshall appears to have solidified his spot in the rotation and what that means for Wade Miller is anyone’s guess. Right now, the Cubs may try to move him into the bullpen in the hope that he can be better than what we’ve had to this point. Odd are that Marshall will not be relinquishing that 5th spot though. The biggest problem to this point in his young career for Marshall has been his control. If he can continue to work on that, he’s got decent stuff and can be successful in the bottom part of that rotation. Today he walked two and struck out six, but was over the 100 pitch count after just 6 innings of work. He seemed to go deep into counts often. After getting Reggie Abercrombie on one pitch to start the game, Marshall couldn’t do it again the rest of the game. I think Lou made the right call leaving him in to start the 7th inning. With the success of the bullpen this year, you have to give Sean a chance to try for a couple quick outs in an attempt to get through 7. He took a tough loss today, but sometimes you have to deal with those. His next start is against Atlanta and Chuck James. We’ll see if he can continue to pitch well and get himself a win to show for it.

Why No Balk?
Byung-Hyun Kim pitched outstanding today and has been great since the Marlins brought him in via trade a week or so ago. Does that mean he’s an all-star all of a sudden? Hardly, but right now he’s getting a the job done. My frustration came with the umpires not calling obvious balks on Kim on three different occasions. None of them would have been game changing, but the fact that at one point they pulled Kim aside to talk to him about it and never called it is ridiculous. When you get to the Major Leagues, you have to know what you can and cannot do on the mound. The umpires shouldn’t be allowed to pull you aside to talk with you about it and not penalize you in some way. In case you missed what happened, Kim would step onto the rubber with his hand in contact with his glove, similar to a position you would be in as you come set in the stretch. Then, he would drop his right hand and take the sign. Once you bring your hands together, you either have to pitch the ball or step off the mound. Kim did neither and should have faced the penalty for it. Later in the game, he was moving his shoulder on a pitch instead of coming set and wasn’t called on it.

Why are fans idiots?
One of the best things about the game today and games all around baseball was the idea of pausing for a moment of silence to honor the veterans on Memorial Day. All of baseball stopped except for ignorant fans that were either too drunk to know what was going on or just too ignorant to have any respect. I can’t stand people like this. Have some pride and respect for your country and for people doing more for you than you really will ever know. Recognize that it’s time to be quiet and don’t open your dang mouth by shouting crap like “Go Cubs, WOOO” This is one of the main reasons I hate fans and hate actually attending games. People in the stands are ignorant and I hope someday baseball and sports in general bans alcohol completely. It’s never going to happen, but it really would make it a lot better for families and people who actually care about the game.

Scott Eyre
Len and Bob brought up the idea of sending Scott to the minors in an effort to work out his troubles in a less hostile place. What Cub fans can do right now that would help the most would be to keep their yaps shut instead of booing. Everyone knows Scott has struggled. He knows it more than anyone. Why do we need to remind him? Do we want him to keep struggling? Booing only hurts a player and right now, we need to send as many positive vibes this guy’s way.

STARS OF THE GAME – All based on WPA

  • First Star – Byung-Hyun Kim (.375)
  • Second Star – Kevin Gregg (.103)
  • Third Star – Cliff Floyd (.091)

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