Last week Lou Piniella intimated that there would be changes by Tuesday – well Tuesday is here. Thusfar this is what we’ve learned:

Ryan Dempster is going to get stretched out, ostensibly to be made the team’s fifth starter at some point in the future. Angel Guzman’s going to the pen, he apparently suffered cramps in his last start and is considered to be a more natural bullpenner.

Neil Cotts (who had a minor league option left) was demoted to Iowa and Sean Marshall was recalled and will start Wednesday night’s game. Marshall performed superbly during his minor league rehab stint.

Wade Miller is supposed to rejoin the Cubs staff today after performing terribly during his minor league rehab. I assume that Carlos Marmol will be sent down to make room for Miller.

So, assuming all of this takes place, the Cubs will have a bullpen that consists of Ryan Dempster, Scott Eyre, Bob Howry, Will Ohman, Michael Wuertz, Angel Guzman and Wade Miller. Now how am I supposed to feel “better off” with those moves Misters Hendry and Piniella?

Here’s what needs to happen from my standpoint: First designate Scott Eyre and Wade Miller for assignment. DFA is a five day process – during the time that we attempt to get real relievers for our castoffs. The Cubs should use Marmol and Cherry out of the pen. If both players clear waviers, send Eyre to Iowa and release Miller.

Have a “Jim Hendry Moving Sale;” trade all of the minor league guys that Hendry has obtained in trades during the past three years (excluding Murton) for two real relief pitchers. If no team will take these Cubs castoffs then we might actually have to part with some “real talent.” Baseball Prospectus reports that the Cubs are dangling Matt Murton for a reliever; I do not like this trade. Rather, trade all of the other ones instead.

But for crissakes DO SOMETHING HENDRY! And quit trying to put lipstick on a pig, it doesn’t work.

In unrelated news, Cubs 2005 first round draft pick Mark Pawelek has fallen off the face of the earth. The Peoria Chiefs’ website shows that Pawelek was sent to Mesa in April but he hasn’t pitched a single inning down there. How do these guys always seem to get hurt but nobody hears anything about it?

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