May 20th, 2007


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   R H E
South Side 0 2 1 0 0 0 7 0 0   10 11 0
North Side 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 4 0   6 7 0
W –  N. Masset (2-1)   L  – C. Zambrano (4-4)  S – None
Homeruns: A. Pierzynski (8) J.Dye (9) A. Ramirez (11)

Box Score

I want it on the record right now. I want everyone to hear it now so I can refer to it the rest of the season. I am off the “re-sign Carlos” bandwagon. From this point on, I am referring to him as Jose Lima Jr., because that’s what I think he’s going to amount to this year. He is our so called Ace of the staff and yet has not pitched like it this season. I’m done with Carlos Zambrano. From this point on, I’m going into his starts expecting a loss because i’m sick of being disappointed. I put this loss on Zambrano. He went into this game against an opponent that should have been an easy one to hit. Instead, Zambrano was the easy one to hit and lost this game.

I started to think about what I expect from various points in this rotation. From Rich Hill, Ted Lilly and Jose Lima, I expect 7 innings of work and no more than 3 runs given up. It’s basically a step up from a quality start and it should be happening from all three of these guys. From the bottom two, if we can get 6 innings from our 4 and 5 starters with no more than 4 runs given up, i’m happy. Marquis has been very good so far, but the 5th starter appears to be headed for the revolving door. Wade Miller didn’t work. Angel Guzman is dealing with PMS craps, forcing him to the bullpen and Lou is considering a move of Ryan Dempster into the role. We’ll have to wait and see on that approach.

Our Rivals are Retarded

I don’t like to let a rivalry series go by without talking a little trash, and this weekend is no exception. Here are two things I found that prove the White Sox fans are white trash and that the Brewers fans are just drunken weirdos.

  • White Sox Host “Mullet Night” – And they wonder why we look down on their fans?
    Mullet Night and Fireworks

    Got Mullet? Celebrate a classic American hairstyle – the Mullet!

    Gate 3:
    Rock your mullet to the beat of the band Back Stage Pass.

    Gate 4:
    Let your mullet loose and jam with Posin, a touring tribute act to the 80s band Poison.

    Gate 5:
    Join the dance party with “Kung Fu Grip.”

    Don’t have a mullet? Have a stylist at one of four Great Clips haircut stations located throughout the ballpark trim one up for you. Donations will be accepted to benefit the Ronald McDonald House and Chicago White Sox Charities.

    Then, march your mullet over to Gate 1 by 6:30 p.m., where the first 500 mulleted men and women will be invited to parade their classic cuts around the warning track. Wigged mullets will be accepted. Mulleted marchers will get a free White Sox Mullet Night T-shirt!
    Sponsored by Great Clips

  • Pee Your Pants for the Brewers? – What the heck? Now that’s the way to get baseball to take your team seriously.
    I have never seen a full Brewers season where they make the playoffs. Born in July 1982, I missed that amazing World Series run. It’s been a long 24 years- the longest playoff drought in baseball. With a young team of quality stars and shrewd management, we’re boldly making our move. I get so excited thinking about the Brewers now, a little pee comes out. In fact,

    When the Brewers
    make the playoffs
    I will pee my pants.

    I hope those small pieces of information help you laugh off a loss and prepare for a day off of Cubs baseball. Look on the bright side. We won the series.

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