At least that’s what the Tribune’s Paul Sullivan says. Prior’s surgery was described by as a “debridement” and “labral and capsular repair.” Let’s translate that into English, he had major shoulder surgery. They scraped out scar tissue in the shoulder joint and sculpted back the dead parts of his rotator cuff that detached.

It’s very likely that Prior will return, but he will only be a shadow of himself. He will be a high 80s pitcher, similar to what we’ve seen with Wade Miller. He will have a very well-repaired shoulder joint that will enable him to live quite effectively; unfortunately his days of being an effective major league pitcher are over.

Jim Hendry continued to remind me of the Black Knight in “Monty Python’s The Holy Grail” by saying that the injury was “not career-ending.” He went on to further state that Dr. Andrews “felt optimistic that he would be able to pitch next year.” Perhaps this is true but I just can’t see the Cubs spending yet another $3 million on a pitcher that will only replace Wade Miller on the roster. Paul Sullivan said it best:

“Prior may never pitch again for the Cubs, and that’s a shame. But if that’s the case, few will shed any tears. His churlish attitude towards the media, his obvious disdain for Cubs management and his often condescending demeanor made Prior a hard person to sympathize with.”

Sullivan went on further to wish Prior the best of luck in his new destination and so do I.

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