My wife may have given me one of the most wonderful gifts ever for my birthday tonight. She surprised me with a little gem I had no idea existed. As much as I enjoy listening to Len and Bob, there’s nothing quite like taking in a Cubs game with Pat Hughes and Ron Santo. No one describes the game like Pat, and no one is a bigger Cubs fan than Ron. You feel every low and high he goes through during each game, just like you do.

My wife, being quite resourceful, somehow came across this CD produced under WGN radio. It’s basically a “greatest hits” CD of Pat and Ron’s best, most memorable and typically funniest moments. It’s a must own for anyone that loves the radio team. I’ve been laughing all evening.

Check it out at WGN Radio.

Not to mention proceeds go to the JDRF. It’s a good cause.

As Ron says, “it smells of wetness.”

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