1934Babe Didrickson, a renown female athlete, pitches the first inning of a Philadelphia A’s exhibition game. The founder of the LPGA gives up no hits and walks only one Dodger.

1973 – In a special election, the BBWAA select (393 out 424 votes) the late Roberto Clemente to be a member of the Hall of Fame. The usual five year rule had been previously waived by the organization’s board of directors.

1989 – Peter Ueberroth, the commissioner of baseball, announces MLB is conducting an inquiry into gambling allegations concerning Reds’ manager, Pete Rose.

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Every morning I pick up the Red Eye on my way catch the Metra on my way to work. It’s a great way for someone with a short attention span to get the most amount of news in the shortest amount of time. In this morning’s edition, I came across a DotComment from ChicagoSports.com’s message board that someone felt needed to be printed. To be honest, it left me a bit perplexed, but got me thinking. As my friends know, that’s a dangerous set of circumstances.

“There’ll be all kind of jumping on the [Sammy] Sosa bandwagon now. Too bad [GM Jim] Hendry didn’t get on it. He spent 300 mil beefing up the Cubbies, but wouldn’t come up with pocket change (500 thou) for Sosa. A player with almost 600 homers should have been welcomed on any team, but too many front office honchos put their pride before ‘forgive and forget.’ Good for Texas.”

Now I’ve questioned some of Hendry’s moves over the last few years, but I’d hardly consider him someone that would put his ego before the organization. Sure this year’s club has some holes, for the most part, the most prominent holes have been filled. He’s admirably filled in the starting rotation, the bullpen, the bench, the infield and the outfield in less than four months. Granted he overpaid for some of the talent, but he went out and got what was needed and available to make the club competitive in a what may be the weakest division in baseball. Quite honestly, I was figuring at least one year of filling a few holes, letting some of the kids get more seasoning, and the occasional fireworks from Pinella this year. I was prepared to bet the farm that if we saw the Cubbies return to the post season, it’d be next year. It’d give Hendry a good chunk of this season to evaluate what he’d created this year, and work on placing an even better product on the field next season. Besides, what Cubs fan isn’t used to having a couple of down years in between that one fleeting moment of possible post season glory?

What I think the above poster had backwards, is the bandwagon on which to hop a ride on. We’re talking about a gentleman that gave up on a team on the last day of the season, and who had alienated himself within the clubhouse so badly, that no one wanted him around. I’ve played with some great teammates, and some characters that made playing on a team a real heartache…..and a headache. Sosa left Hendry really with no other choice, and with no real bargaining chips so to speak. Did we get little in return for what looked to be one of the most prodigious power hitters of his era? Heck yeah. Two years later, I’m liking what I’m seeing on the field a whole lot better.

So hop on that Sosa bandwagon. Watch him struggle to get to 600 homers while batting .245. I’ll be happily cruising along on what looks to be a entertaining, and perhaps even magical season on the Cubbies bandwagon.

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