Jason Marquis was impressive in his second start today. He blanked the Brewcrew over three innings, giving up two hits, one walk, and striking out two. Dempster also threw one inning striking out two and giving up a hit. Thus far, Ted Lilly and Marquis are looking like fine signings. It’s early, but I’m happy with what I’ve seen thus far. It’s certainly looking better than this time last spring when the rotation was in shambles. Heck, Wood and Prior are actually throwing real baseballs, in real games. Not that gimmicky towel drill on a hiden practice field out of sight from prying eyes.

The depth that Hendry has brought in for pitching, might actually push a few of the guys that slacked their way through the Dusty era. With so many arms fighting for only what appears to be only one spot in the rotation, it should make an interesting Spring Training. Last year at this time, I felt the strongest part fo the Cubs farm system was depleted, especially after the Juan Pierre trade.
Reviewing the arms today, I think I’ve changed my tune. With the signings of Lilly, Marquis and Miller, the trade for Neal Cotts, and the experience the youngsters received last season, I’m not as fearful if we lose an arm to injury this year.

Maybe Hendry is smarter than I’ve give him credit. Then again, Hendry’s never stole a pic-a-nic basket as far as I can tell.

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