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Sunday Notes

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Kerry Wood is bringing sexy back – Not only has he lost over 30 pounds, but he can also throw a baseball. After months of throwing towels, Wood was back to throwing hard round objects. According to Lou Piniella “If I were Kerry Wood, I’d be very pleased with the way I threw. He looked nice and comfortable out there. He threw the ball nice and easy. [For the] first time out on the mound, [it was] very encouraging. He had some life, threw some real nice breaking pitches. I’m sure he was probably a little nervous going out there first time out. I’m not talking about [first time] throwing batting practice but getting through the 25 pitches he threw. It was really encouraging.”

Dice K dazzles in his debut – “Matsuzaka threw his first 20 pitches from the stretch position and the next 20 from a full windup. He followed that with one pitchout to each side of the plate and then one pitch to the outside of both sides with Varitek in a crouch. His fastball sped up as the session progressed. Of his 44 pitches, 20 were breaking balls.” ~

I’m going to be announcing a couple of new additions to the staff this week as well as writing a non cub related post on the state of the Illinois Basketball team. Close your eyes if you don’t want to see non Cubs stuff. Enjoy your Sunday.

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Here’s a picture to save for the grandkids

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Yep, Mark Prior throwing to live batters in February. Who would have thunk it! Apparently the Cubs’ approach (and the rehab suggested by Dr. Andrews) seems to be making an impact – Prior is way ahead of last year’s roadmap. It appears as though he is going to dogfight Wade Miller for the #5 spot in the rotation; according to Rotoworld, Rich Hill is secure in the 4 hole and (for the time being) Lilly and Marquis are favorites for the second and third starters’ roles. Not that the actual numbers matter mind you.

It will be interesting to see if Prior and/or Miller emerge from Spring Training healthy and rarin’ go go. It’s going to be hard for Marquis to make this rotation if both of those guys have successfull springs. And of course it’s also going to be interesting to see which Mark Prior will emerge from Ho-Ho-Kam Park – will it be Dr. Jeckyl or Mr. Hyde? Will it be the guy that is virtually unhittable or will it be the one that almost got his high ankle socks knocked off in 2006?

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Respect for the uniform

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Today’s Chicago Tribune commented on the fact that Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild gave some “unsolicited advice” to prospect Jeff Samardzija on how to properly position one’s baseball cap upon one’s head. It appears from this Spring Training picture that said advice was listened to and acted upon.

Undoubtedly this is how it’s going to be under Lou Piniella and I like it. I’m tired of seeing players with pine tar and white sweat marks all over their hats and helmets, it’s disrespectful to the uniform. Those guys make enough money to afford a new cap or helmet every once in a while. Insofar as the ‘hip hop’ look with the cocked cap, why not let them wear their pants low with their drawers hanging out the top too?

Baseball gives the players some latitude when it comes to uniforms, I think they should show some respect and wear the uniform the way it’s intended to be worn.

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Forgive me for gloating a little

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

My Dores are a perfect 6-0 after defeating Rice, Arizona State, Baylor and Ohio.

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What is wrong with players today?

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

I started to write a post about the Devil Rays this morning, but after browsing the headlines for MLB on ESPN today, I’ve realized that baseball, and sports in general are filled with crazies. Listen to these headlines:

A-Rod: Friendship with Jeter cooled – Why do I care about if these guys are friends? Play together, play hard, and shut your mouth. End of story.

Sweeney says issues with Bonds in past – Does this really make the front page? Is Mark Sweeney that big a name to where his relationship with Bonds is headline news? Who cares if Bonds says he gave him steroids. I am so sick of steroids I can’t even began to express it to you. Why can’t people just play the game honest and clean?

Boss’ hand-picked successor apologizes for DUI arrest – This has got to make big George a little worried about dying or stepping down.

Hall of Famer Kell cited in hit-and-run accident – If you hit someone, be a man. Stay and wait for the cops.

Those are four of the biggest stories right now, not even mentioning the fact that Manny is still being Manny and Bernie Williams and his saga with the Bronx Bombers continues. I hate Spring Training more than any time in the year of baseball. It’s the most exciting time, yet yields the least amount of actual news to report. As a result, we get half stories and crap drama. I say enough with this garbage. Let’s stop reporting it and stop wasting our time with it.

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