What is the point of a veterans committee if they don’t seem to want to elect anyone? Ron Santo again fell short today of the mandatory 75% needed for election. He received 69.5%, which was five votes short of the 62 needed. This seems like a waste of time that continues to break a man’s heart year after year. Ron Santo wants to be in a hall of fame, deserves to be in the hall of fame, yet continues to be denied year after year.

Baseball needs to somehow step in and right this injustice. If you’re going to form a committee, then obviously there is a need. If that is the case, then things should be getting done. Santo will have his next chance at election in 2009.

Update from Mastrick: Keith Olbermann of ESPN Radio and MSNBC named Baseball’s Veterans Committee as his nightly “Worst Person in the World;” can’t says I disagree. Perhaps the Veterans Committee is not elitist, nonetheless I think that it’s authority should be rescinded and a better method should be adopted. Look at the names on Joe’s list!

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