Today’s Chicago Tribune commented on the fact that Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild gave some “unsolicited advice” to prospect Jeff Samardzija on how to properly position one’s baseball cap upon one’s head. It appears from this Spring Training picture that said advice was listened to and acted upon.

Undoubtedly this is how it’s going to be under Lou Piniella and I like it. I’m tired of seeing players with pine tar and white sweat marks all over their hats and helmets, it’s disrespectful to the uniform. Those guys make enough money to afford a new cap or helmet every once in a while. Insofar as the ‘hip hop’ look with the cocked cap, why not let them wear their pants low with their drawers hanging out the top too?

Baseball gives the players some latitude when it comes to uniforms, I think they should show some respect and wear the uniform the way it’s intended to be worn.

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