I started to write a post about the Devil Rays this morning, but after browsing the headlines for MLB on ESPN today, I’ve realized that baseball, and sports in general are filled with crazies. Listen to these headlines:

A-Rod: Friendship with Jeter cooled – Why do I care about if these guys are friends? Play together, play hard, and shut your mouth. End of story.

Sweeney says issues with Bonds in past – Does this really make the front page? Is Mark Sweeney that big a name to where his relationship with Bonds is headline news? Who cares if Bonds says he gave him steroids. I am so sick of steroids I can’t even began to express it to you. Why can’t people just play the game honest and clean?

Boss’ hand-picked successor apologizes for DUI arrest – This has got to make big George a little worried about dying or stepping down.

Hall of Famer Kell cited in hit-and-run accident – If you hit someone, be a man. Stay and wait for the cops.

Those are four of the biggest stories right now, not even mentioning the fact that Manny is still being Manny and Bernie Williams and his saga with the Bronx Bombers continues. I hate Spring Training more than any time in the year of baseball. It’s the most exciting time, yet yields the least amount of actual news to report. As a result, we get half stories and crap drama. I say enough with this garbage. Let’s stop reporting it and stop wasting our time with it.

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