Again, the baseball Gods seem to opening up a can o’ whupass up on my poor head. Recent indications from Cubdom are that Hendry and Piniella believe that Alfonso Soriano has undergone an amazing transformation. Soriano has indicated to the Cubs faithful that he will be willing to try center field. So be it. The Cubs brass will “will” Soriano to be a good center fielder, therefore it shall happen.

Let’s project ourselves forward to May, with an outfield that consists of Floyd/Murton in left, Soriano in center and Jacque Jones and his powerful arm in right. And we thought that Alou, Patterson and Sosa were comical? I can just see the balls flying over Cubs left and center fielders heads, and Jones making accurate ten-hop throws to second…

It’s easy to hide one guy out there who doesn’t have the best defense but the Cubs are going to have to replace the infield with Georgia red clay and water it down every inning. That way we can slow down the opposing team’s baserunners. What if Michael Barrett expressed an interest in playing center, should we do it?

C’mon Hendry and Sweet Lou – put on your thinking caps. Let’s get a center fielder or go with a defensively adequate but offensively-challenged Felix Pie. But no Soriano in center please, we don’t have time for experiments, it’s time to get the job done. Cubs fans have waited long enough.

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