George Carlin once said: “Used to be ‘getting up for the game’ was sort of a spiritual thing..” Well Barry Bonds has proven once again that he will take whatever it takes to get to Hank Aaron’s record and baseball immortality. But will he?

Recently we all saw what happened to another cheater; Mark McGwire’s 23% fell just 52% short of the number of votes required for induction into baseball’s Hall of Fame. It appears now that Bonds failed a drug test for amphetamines in 2006 and blamed it on teammate Mark Sweeney. According to the New York Daily News, Bonds said he got the substance from Sweeney’s locker. Even if this is true, what did Bonds think he was taking, candy? There’s no doubt in my mind that the next time he gets caught for something he’ll say he got it from a bicycle seat.

It remains to be seen if Bonds will be indicted for perjury soon – Bonds denied consciously using steroids before a grand jury in 2003 and another federal grand jury is considering his fate as we speak. Many people contend that Barry Bonds should be inducted to the Hall of Fame because of his accomplishments prior to the steroid era – my contention is that Bonds should be denied this honor because of the irreparable damage he has done to the game. If he does break Aaron’s record, no one is more deserving of an asterisk than he. Barry Bonds should be indicted, not inducted.

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