Before I make my rant for the day, I wanted to let everyone know that Len Kasper is scheduled to appear on Thursday’s podcast to preview the upcoming season. I’ll post a link when the show it up. If you’ve got a specific question for Len, leave it in the comment section and we’ll do our best to work it in. Now, on to my rant.

Baseball Prospectus tipped me off to this potential story.

John Orerand and Eric Fisher of the Sports Business Journal have reported that MLB is in advanced talks with DirecTV to make the satellite television company the exclusive provider of MLB Extra Innings. While Extra Innings was initially only offered on DirecTV in 1996, the package has been available on cable since 2001, and on Dish Network since 2004.

Now this doesn’t directly affect me, because I have DirecTV, but up until last year, I have always had cable. This kind of monopolizing by DirecTV needs to end. They’re doing it with the NFL and it needs to stop. Why do the leagues even consider cutting their opportunity to sell their product in half? It can’t possibly be a good investment.

On a side not, congrats to Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. on their big news. Two good guys in baseball history get honored with a most deserved priviledge.

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