Taking a break from the 2006 VORP numbers to compare the 2003 Chicago Cubs, a team that was the inspiration for this site, to the 2005 Chicago White Sox. The numbers may surprise you. Thanks to frequent reader and commenter Dick B for the idea. If you guys have an idea for a future post, be sure to use the contact us form and let us know.

Explanation of Lineups and Rotations
I took the lineups from the playoff lineups. The only exception is for the Cubs with Patterson and Lofton. Everyone knows that Patterson carried the offense when Sosa was injured for part of the season. When he went down with a bum leg, Hendry got Lofton, who filled in admirably. I weighted the average of their VORP’s based on plate appearance. It worked out that Patterson got 60% of the plate appearances, while Lofton had 40%. This was the only logical way I could think of to work a platoon.

For the rotations, I listed the top 4 pitchers for each staff in order of VORP to assume who was the ace of the staff on down.

Enjoy the results, but you have to wonder if the Cubs missed their shot at a title in 2003. Man, what could have been…

Edge VORP Player Position Player VORP Edge
  0.8 Miller C Pierzynski 12.1
  3.0 Simon 1b Konerko 46.1
28.1 Grudzielanek 2b Iguchi 23.8  
7.6 Gonzalez 3b Uribe 7.5  
11.5 Ramirez SS Crede 7.8  
20.6 Alou LF Podsednik 5.8  
20.6 Patterson / Lofton CF Rowand 14.7  
35.6 Sosa RF Dye 27.7  
10.0 Karros DH Everett 6.3  
66.9 Prior SP Buehrle 54.8  
55.9 Wood SP Garland 50.7  
47.6 Zambrano SP Garcia 45.7  
  27.0 Clement SP Contreras 42.1
  25.8 Average   Average 26.5

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