As we head into the new year, I figured I would steal an idea I saw and participated in on a blog called ProBlogger. Each month, he runs a community writing project. My thinking is that we can turn this into a fun monthly feature on this site and even offer some prizes. This is a new concept, so we’ll start real easy.

The Topic
This month’s topic will be a fun one. In 500 to 750 words, make three predictions for the upcoming Cub’s season and explain your reasoning for each one.

The Rules
All entries for the competition need to be submitted via E-mail to by 5pm EDT on January 19th. We reserve the right to edit for spelling and readability purposes. After all the posts are in, the best ones will be posted over the next week and a winner will be chosen.

The Prize
This month, the prize is a good one. The winner of our contest will receive a brand spankin’ new copy of The 2007 Bill James Handbook. It’s loaded with stats and the usual quality Bill James analysis. What better way to ease through the off-season than to sift through this gem of a book.

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