What would you do if someone stole your identity? Suddenly, all your deep, dark secrets would be known. Got a lot of debt on your credit card? They’d know about it. I can’t imagine how frustrating that would be, especially if it was due to no error on your part. That was the case for a number of baseball players according to a story I found the other day.

CLEVELAND — Former Indians player Jim Thome is one of close to 90 major leaguers whose identity could be at risk.

SFX Sports represents some of the biggest names in a variety of sports, and police said 38-year-old David Dright went through a Dumpster outside the agency’s Northbrook, Ill., office and recovered personal information on 80 to 100 Major League ballplayers.

“He was actually going through trash receptacles or Dumpsters and recovered numerous paperwork, documents, things like that,” said Detective Adam Hyde, of the Lincolnshire police.

Police weren’t looking for the ballplayers personal documents when they searched Dright’s Chicago apartment but knew what they had once they found them.

An attorney for SFX said they will work with their clients to ensure no identities were compromised, and Illinois police are doing the same.

“We’ve been in contact with Major League Baseball, also the Major League Baseball Players’ Association, and we’ve also contacted some of the players individually,” said Detective John Anderson.

Police said it appears that Dright attempted to get credit cards using the identities of at least two players. The extent of the fraud won’t be known until police can process Dright’s computer.

I wish those guys all the best. No matter how much people loathe the amount of money professional athletes get paid, we can’t help but to feel bad for them when something like this happens. Especially around the holidays.

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