Both the Chicago Tribune and Rotoworld are reporting that Jim Hendry is close to signing an agreement with former Chicagoan and New York Met Cliff Floyd. This is not surprising because Hendry and Floyd go back sixteen years, back to when Hendry recruited Floyd as baseball coach for Creighton.

This is yet another “good ol’ boy” move by Jim Hendry, the same GM who went to Dunedin High School, the same one who wasted high second round and first round picks on former Dunedin High non-prospects Brian Dopirak and Ryan Harvey. Coming off a second straight injury-plagued season, what does Hendry do? He goes out and gets a guy who has been hurt three out of the last four years.

During the past four years Floyd has averaged 117 games per season – look for Murton to platoon with Floyd in right and, given injuries I can easily see Murton getting 400 at bats. When healthy, Floyd has been an .869 OPS guy so he can sure hit, but he also strikes out a ton, averaging about a strike out every five at bats. He will take a walk however. This move effectively sounds the death knell for Jacque Jones, I seriously doubt that Jones will be manning center field in April.

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