I’m not going to put myself on a pedestal and portend to be a “journalist.” I write my opinions and observations for (arguably) one of the best baseball blogs on the “internets.” That having been said, I really hate seeing poor journalism, especially when I think that somebody is attempting to manipulate the public readership for personal gain. Therefore it gives me great pleasure to announce that Judith Reagan has been fired by Harper Collins which, along with FOX Network, is a property of international financier Rupert Murdock.

Recently Regan stooped so low as to pilot a book and FOX miniseries about the OJ Simpson murders entitled “If I Did It.” I had no interest in seeing this chicanery since I feel *I know* how OJ did it. Granted he’s an innocent man in the eyes of the law, but he sure ain’t innocent in my eyes. The LA District Attorney’s office and a couple of LA policemen totally botched this case and consequentially Simpson deserved his judgment. Which doesn’t exactly make him “innocent” in the eyes of his Maker. But that’s to be decided later, isn’t it.

What really sealed the casket of this journalistic impostor was the recent allegations thrown at deceased Yankees player Mickey Mantle. Now the Mick was no poster boy for sobriety – I remember seeing him drunker than a fiddler’s bitch at a church next to Hinsdale Junior High School in the early 70s. But nobody who knew the Mick will corroborate these allegations. And these insinuations also cuckold a dead man – one of the greatest ballplayers of all time, Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio, a quiet man who seemed almost embarrassed by all the attention that was paid to him, a guy who only wanted to go out and play his position to the very best of his abilities.

So Judith Regan is fired. Good riddance to bad rubbish, she’s scum just like the former footballer she wrote about. And congratulations to Rupert Murdock, who occasionally makes the right decision.

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