Jim Hendry had an interview on 670 The Score today, he suggested that using Felix Pie in center is a strong possibility. Last year for Iowa, Pie hit .282 with an OBP of .341 and an slugging percentage of .451. He stole 17 bases but he gets caught a lot. He’s also a free swinger and needs to cut down on his strikeouts.

I am not adverse to this idea for several reasons. First of all, you can’t spend $8-15 million at every position and eventually we need to give our center field prospects (Pie, Walker, Fuld and Colvin) a chance. Or we need to trade them. Secondly, we need a strong defensive center if we are going to have Soriano in left and Jones/Murton in right.

Hendry also defended his signing of Jason Marquis, stating that Marquis’ numbers were comparable to Zito and Schmidt’s wins and innings pitched for the past three years. I thought this comparison was absurd, since the Cards had a far stronger rotation surrounding Jason and his purpose was arguably to *eat innings.* While Marquis averaged near fifteen wins a year, so did his losses and he played for a team that has made the playoffs three years in a row. So Hendry’s argument in this respect was at best specious.

Ultimately The Cubs GM’s job will hinge on the signings of Liily and Marquis – if they are busts he’ll either be fired after 2007 or spend 2008 grooming his replacement. For what it’s worth, he also said that he’s still in the market for a left handed bat. Were I to guess it would be to replace Jones’.

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