Many years ago I was a buyer/inventory control manager for a big Chicago-based printing company. Once I placed an order and made a typographical error on the paperwork, it was an innocent mistake. Consequently I ordered about ten thousand dollars worth of wrong materials. A few days later a bindery operator came to me about the error and I instantly recognized the impact of my mistake; after that I went home for lunch, drank two stiff drinks and wrote my letter of resignation. I knew I was done.

As a last gambit I called the president of the company that I screwed up the order with and confessed – he had a truck at our back door two hours later and within two days he replaced the wrong product with what we needed.

I was lucky, I made a $10 thousand error and survived.

Jim Hendry just made a $20 million mistake and you don’t recover from those; those are what are called ‘career-ending capers.’ Last year Jason Marquis had a 6.06 ERA – in 194 1/3 innings he gave up 221 hits and 75 walks. Get used to some baserunners Cubs fans, this guy gets rocked. He’s been clueless for two years; who here thinks that Larry Rothschild can reform a guy that Dave Duncan couldn’t? I’m not even sure why Rothschild is still our pitching coach, he sure hasn’t earned the position.

Everybody knew the Cubs needed starting pitching going into 2006 – Jim Hendry failed to come through. Everybody knew after 2006 that the Cubs needed starting pitching and Hendry failed again. How many years does this guy get? He can sure spend money but can he deliver? Methinks not, he’s way out of his league. The signing of Jason Marquis for twenty million dollars proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Jim Hendry has more dollars than he has sense.

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