Rotoworld just ran two interesting stories. One said that Andy Pettitte will be coming back to play in 2007 for either the Astros or the Yankees. The other said that Lilly’s agent Larry O’Brien has told the Bronx Bombers that Lilly would sign with them if they offered 4 years/$40 million.

I can easily see the Yanks using Lilly as a fallback option now as they enter negotiations with Pettitte. Now would be a good time for the Cubs to play hardball, even if it means playin’ a little game of ‘chicken’ too. Hendry should tell Lilly’s agent that the Cubs are very close to signing Meche and it’s going to be either Meche OR Lilly. Give him a deadline for tomorrow night and say “sorry but we’re going to have to make other plans if you aren’t interested in our offer.”

Truthfully I’m not real excited about spending over $10M/year on EITHER Lilly or Meche. I’d much rather see the Cubs trade some prospects over to the White Sox for Brandon McCarthy. Perhaps we could interest them in a package involving any two of the following: Brian Dopirak, Ryan Harvey, Carlos Marmol, Adam Harben, Roberto Novoa, Jose Reyes, Will Ohman or Freddie Bynum. Maybe even throw in a third if Marmol wasn’t included.

What do you all think? Are the Cubs going to have decent enough pitching if they sign Lilly, or Meche or both?

Update, 12/06/06, 7:17 CDT

According to’s Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs and Ted Lilly have reached a preliminary agreement.

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