According to the Trib, Ted Lilly is a Cub.
Lilly’s ERAs the past 5 years have been 4.31, 5.56, 4.06, and 4.34. He has had exactly 1 year of a sub-4.00, back in ’02 when he started just 11 games.
So that’s what 40 mil buys you.
The last time he posted a 2:1 K:BB ratio was 2003.
The last time he pitched 200 innings was never ever ever.
Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA casts a slightly more favorable light on him.

This offseason is a weird one. Our Cubs have been mentioned in many of the big free agent deals. The team seems bent on building a team through free agency. What the hell, I say. Let’s see what happens. They’ve spent waaaaay too much money on these players, but if we end up with a team that looks like this:

CF Lofton
LF Murton
RF Soriano
1B Lee
3B Ramirez
C Barrett
2B DeRosa
SS anyone but Izturis

bench: Blanco C, Izturis ss/2b, Moore 1b/3b, 2b Theriot, OF Pagan, OF Ryan Church, if rumors are to be believed.

That’s a team that should score a bit above league average, given normal health. I’ll take Soriano/Lee/Ramirez/Barrett as all righties in the meat of the lineup rather than any available lefty.

WIth a pitching staff of:
Wade Miller

Novoa (?)

Then that’s a pitching staff that goes 4 deep and some days, 5 deep, and it’ll keep the offense in the game.
So you could expect a team like that to win 85-90 games. That could be enough in the NL Central, and as the Cards showed, regular season record don’t mean diddly.

So maybe this haphazard check-writin’ spree will end up making us all happy.

Who can we get to fill the gaps? What’s your suggestion at SS? Theriot’s not going to hit like he did last year. The spending spree has at least stuffed many of the gaps in the team with large sacks of money. The offseason dealing ain’t over yet. I don’t know what kind of contraption we’ll end up with, but at least it’s new!

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